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Where are the Middle School Tournaments held?


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As you have seen, Middle School Tournaments and Playdays are everywhere. Riverdale and Siegel and I believe Blackman are having large playday/Tournaments next weekend uor this month Lincoln County is having one this month as is Independence, Columbia High Schools and a number of Middle school and high schools in east Tennessee are having some also. Someone posted that Montgomery county is having a Middle School Playday in August also. Some private middle schools are not able to play in these Events because of scheduling difficulties but some are and are making the events very good no matter what the size of the school. Someone posted that schools around Jackson were having a tournament/playday this year. The largest playday I have heard of each year is a 3 day event in Lebanon at the University there that some years have as many as 30 schools enrolled, It is event that Middle Schools come and bring players as far as Dickson in the West to Avery Trace in Cookeville in the East. This Tounament is prestigious, run by the Athletic Department at the School and draws crowds that fills up the gym at the college with three courts. Nothing any more exciting than a Middle School Tournament from Communities all over the Mid State competing from neighboring communities. the same thing is happening inupper East Tennessee I am told. So if your Middle School has not gotten in to the excitement and even in to the participation of these events, you might just look in to one of these to see if you might just be missing something. You may even meet one of your neighbors there or even a relative.

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