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I expect to see Jessica Brumitt of betsy in singles :thumb:


Looks like Jessica is in the finals this morning. Good luck, Jessica. Bring the title home to Etown...


Also, congrats to doubles pair Basconi/Thacker for their run to state. Great job ladies...


the girl she played, absolutely blasts the ball. brummit got beat 4 and 0

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    • Just call a good game tonight and get a W coach  Don’t be conservative in play callin 
    • any team loses their starting RB, it's a loss worth mentioning but i agree it's not why farragut lost.
    • yeah, but i thought part of that was the specific plays were pretty big chunk play attempts.  I figured some shorter controlled stuff might have been the way to go.  Farragut has some great athletes on the edge there that went largely unutilized.
    • Bearden's starting rb was out, and he is a power 5 signee.  No excuses about injuries from my Ads.  I definitely was disappointed our coach was on the field to get that penalty and that our offense was so anemic.  I definitely thought we would be able to throw the ball better.  You would think we would have been able to stop the dogs a little more considering they ran the same 2 plays most of the game.  Both teams have a lot of work to do if they want some region wins the rest of the season
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