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The Middle School Flags are flying


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Most every school that I have heard of reporting has mentioned the large number of Middle School

players that tried out this year. The talent is up and Tournaments are everywhere. Of course, Lebanon is the home of the grandmother of all Tournaments and Cumberland high school usually has about 30 schools vieing for the prestigious Middle Tennesse Crown. Many of the great players seen there last year will likely help their high schools this year. It is a tournament whose crowds are so large that the crowds most of the time have had to see their School play, move out of the arena while the crowds come in and fill up the gym for the next two matches. Well organized and well run with two matches being played simultaneously. Its a good chance to see the best in Middle Schoolin Middle Tennessee and beyond. Some great coaching.

And what about the Middle School Tournament at Riverdale High school. The very competitive Rutherford County Middle Schools and Riverdale High School will have their playday in August (date later) and it will be a barn Burner. This is the area that Middle School players filled the High schools this summer and at MTSU prepariong themselves for this up coming seaon. One Saturday in June, 130 players+ filled the arenas at Riverdale and Siegel for paid clinics for County Wide schools. Blackman had a clinic that reports said had some 60 attendees and MTSU had another event in which some 50+ players attended. So the great Riverdale Middle School Junior Battle of Rutherford Volleyball Tournament will be held Riverdale, date later.


And then there are a couple of Middle School events in Williamson that is always a good way to see what is comning up likely in one of the the three VBall Districts in the State. Always some great volleyball there. Iknow I have missed some great events and many of you are going to post about the great arenas full of schools of that age but Chattanooga, Knoxville Jackson Nashville and Memphis have had great response this year for this age group and some better and great players were noted coming out of Club in these cities so some great schools, with some great players, with some great coaches feeding the high schools in those areas

have a chance to show their STUFF at the end of a rigerous Club season and at the beginning of one of the most exciting Volleyball school years for Middle School teams in years, the 2010 Middle School Preseason is fixing to Start.

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