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Welcome to the upgraded message boards!  Please note: if you have been using a username to sign in that is different than the handle (display name) displayed on the boards, you must now sign in with either your handle (display name) or the email address associated with your account.  If you don't know what this means, then it probably doesn't affect you!

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Ability to attach images? Signatures?

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1. It looks like the forum has the ability to attach files disabled. Linking to external sites for graphics is leeching, and most site owners hate that. Some free services let you link, but if traffic dwindles, they delete your images. The post loses all value after that. I wanted to attach an image.


2. The ability to edit signatures is not showing up in my profile. Is there a minimum post limit? I guess I could go make a bunch of random posts, but would rather just be able to edit the signature without adding post clutter.


That's all.

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