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Expectations of MS Volleyball Coach


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Volleyball has really taken off with the Middle School Age group and there is a lot of interest and eventually it rolls over into how is it helping the Middle School. Volleyball Coaches have not been plentiful and just to find a coach who knows something about v with no teachingolleyball much less a sound technical person to teach the game thatis a find. Schools have been lucky to find certification with the skills. But that does not mean one should not try instead of just finding someone who may have enough background to cpach Club and then think that is the answer. It may be the only thing available, but many times it may be a sitting service during the school year with very little teaching done. IMO, the best way of handling the situation is to let each position stand on its own if people are available. Volleyball is an expensive sport and the player should get results from each mode of of play if their are two modes available. School play should expect teachers that can teach technical aspects and build on a players known skills in middle school.In the 6th grade players whould be tought skills and the coach be expected to take the players to a certain level. If there is interest, and a parent is paying money, club shuld take the skills and expand the skills and take them to another level and it should be discussed with the club involved where the skill level is going. parents who are unsure where and what level the player may be taking it may only want to find a club that may require less teaching and more playing. Find what you want to pay for.

Unfortunately what may be happening sometimes in middle school is that a club coach may wind up as a school coach also. And what does that mean? It may be good and it may be not so good. Club coaches may be under the auspises of a manager who requires some performance. A Club coach is not necessiarily a good school coach. Expecially if they are sitting a volleyball team. If a player is not improving in both areas, something may be wrong. IMO, the onus is on the school coach because new players show up each year and they have a wide range of talent to start with. Melding that talent is sometimes difficult. The club coach takes players from different schools who are sometimes the best and must bring talent levels up or no one is happy. When the players get back to school, the Middle School coach sees where the talent level is and sets out his goals where the school is going because he is competing with other schools. But a new class is coming in of 6th graders and time has to be taken there. If the school coach and club coach are the same, it is easy to get embarassed that in one area the job is not being finished and the players look at who they are playing and see they are not as good as they should be, THEY ARE NOt AS GOOD AS THEY SHOULD BE. Teaching is a continual process in school or out of school. Its more important in Middle School and if a school does not have volleyball and is taught in Club, you get what you are taught. And if your School coach teaches passionately and the club coach baby sits thru the Club season and one is competing with schools with Club skills, thats not good easy. On the other side, if you hire a club coach and no extra skills are taught, that is even worse.

After seeing both situations, not pointing out anyone personally but just seeing, I go down on finding a great technically based School coach and finding a club coach to match up with the school coach Both stand on their own and not together. School coaches have their peers. Club coaches may not.

The question is are you getting what you expect in Middle School. those years don't return. IMO the talent levels are fast increasing, the sport is getting better athletes and being seen possibly are too many sitting services. The play is being challenged and the players are ready to take a giant step.

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