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Public Private meeting with BofC today

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I watched bits and pieces of that nearly 5 hour meeting with the Board of Control today regarding what to do about Publics and private schools staying together or splitting and I have to say that was one of the biggest cluster f.... of a discussion as I`ve ever heard. It got to the point that I felt sorry for some of those in the room because their intelligence level or lack thereof....After all of that, they made no decision on anything except that the options will be voted on July 16th...That Childress guy is a piece of work...He completely let that meeting get away from him.  Bottom line is that I think the Board of Control wants a complete split, most of the privates want a complete split and most of the publics want a complete split,  but they can`t bring themselves to do it because the privates will ultimately form their own organization and the BofC will lose control of them...If the BofC can resolve themselves to reality, July 16th will be the day of the split.

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Better watch out for what you wish for.  The privates WILL form own organization and not be under T$$AA rules.  Then they will recruit even more with no penalties.  Your big 230 lb 4.4 yd. dash running back is gone with the privates taking him right in front of your face.  Plus they can remove the tuition or give the family financial help.  It will be a lottery draft session.  At least now there is some restrictions and an "eye" watching.  If split there will be no hiding any shall I say the R word: RECRUITING!!  Remember this post a year from now if the total split happens.

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I seriously doubt the privates will form their own body if they do a split. There's roughly 40 private schools in the state, most of them are centered around urban areas, that's not enough to form their own association. I guess it would depend on if the TSSAA would allow its' members to play the privates, probably not. Private schools would have to travel great distances to get any depth to their schedule. I also highly doubt it would cause a mass migration of the talent going to privates, no more so than it is today. You don't just flip a switch and form a high school athletic association. If there were a split, I think it might benefit officials more than any one. Privates, well at least some, would be willing/able to pay officials more and thus may make the TSSAA up their pay to keep officials. I say open it up everywhere, let Johnny from Lewis Co. go to Maryville or wherever it is he wants to go. Adults are making it abudantly clear to kids that sports is the most important part of their high school career anyway, so why not? I hope they don't split, but find some way to make it better for all parties involved.

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All private schools are not created equal. Most will not be able to just become recruiting machines. I do not see Ezell Harding, Boyd, TCA, and FRA(for example) out recruiting all the best athletes. Many small privates are struggling with decreasing enrollment. They can't afford to get into arms races with each other. Most privates do it want the split because they do not want ton compete with only other private schools.

That being said I still favor a merit based system. You win consistantly you move up. Winning a championship in the highest division that way would really mean something!

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