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  1. SB? Walked sidelines before Has the jewelry Current head coach Known & Admired Pelham???
  2. Someone explain to me why a public/private split would affect a private school's mission. Roller (I think) from lipscomb and someone frm MTCS basically said that they would have to re-evaluate there mission with a split. Why?
  3. All private schools are not created equal. Most will not be able to just become recruiting machines. I do not see Ezell Harding, Boyd, TCA, and FRA(for example) out recruiting all the best athletes. Many small privates are struggling with decreasing enrollment. They can't afford to get into arms races with each other. Most privates do it want the split because they do not want ton compete with only other private schools. That being said I still favor a merit based system. You win consistantly you move up. Winning a championship in the highest division that way would really mean something!
  4. Using the same criteria as above--- How would East Tennessee be divided? Maryville Fulton Knox West Alcoa Science Hill Greeneville Knox Catholic South Doyle Sevier Co. Oak Ridge Sullivan South Webb Loudon Hardin Valley D-B Farragut Tennessee High Elizabethton Mo. East Anderson Co. Mo. West CAK Campbell Co Clinton Livingston Acad. (would they go East?) I am not as familiar with that area and who is closest to who.
  5. Just as a "what if"... If you favor a past performance way of classification--- and you used Sonny Moore's end of the year 2015 rankings--- and you proposed 4 classifications with 84 teams in each classification--- and you wanted to keep district size to 7 or 8 teams--- middle Tennessee would have 28 teams District A MBA CPA Hillsboro Rossview Beech Lipscomb Nashville Christian District B Hendersonville Pearl-Cohn Ravenwood McGavock Mt. Juliet BGA Westmoreland District C Oakland Blackman Riverdale Lavergne Smyrna Siegel Marshall Co District D Ensworth Brentwood Academy Centennial Franklin Father Ryan Independence Overton I know the geography is not perfect so please feel free to explain other possible scenarios.
  6. Two very good and well coached teams. An absolute pleasure of a game to watch. Both teams should be very proud.
  7. Always a lot of accusations but no proof.
  8. I could see Covington and Obion being a threat in the post season.
  9. I would expect these young ladies to have a very good post season.
  10. I would be interested in knowing pitcher scholarship money compared to position player scholarship money.
  11. They have had some serious talent on their team.
  12. Great job ladies! A lot of great athletes and girls on this list. Getting to play at the next level is something that very few people accomplish. In looking at our options for our college expenses we are curious as to how much a typical scholarship is worth ($1000 per year, $2000 per year, etc). If anyone would be willing to share that information it would be greatly appreciated. Also just include the actual athletic scholarship money and not other financial aid or grants. Your help is appreciated.
  13. People might have written the Beech Ladies off earlier but they are looking strong now.
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