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District 8 A-AA

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Well,sorry it took so long to post. Not all of our scores are being posted so it's tough to get a true idea of how the district is shaping up, but this is the way I see it as of now.



1. Central Magnet (one of the top 5 teams I've ever seen, should be a State Contender)

2. Goodpasture (haven't seen them yet, but based on scores, they could be #2 in the district)

3. Merrol Hyde (always put together a strong team, but the scores I've seen, they may be down a bit)

4. Watertown (much improved, but still new and young, I was impressed with their keeper)

5. Cannon Co. (Looked better in the preseason, but I heard they lost to Watertown, with coaches as refs?)



1. DeKalb County (should be good, if we can get over sickness and injuries)

2. Livingston (gave us a tough physical match in preseason, definitely will be a battle for the top spot in the East, Coach King always puts together a tough team, haven't posted many scores)

3. Smith County (much improved, have some good athletes, new coach seems to have them working hard, big win over Macon)

4. Macon County (surprised to see their scores, seem to be a little down this season, expect them to improve)

5. York (haven't seen them yet, they always have some good athletes)


Just my opinion, best of luck to everyone.

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WOW!!!  District 8 A-AA is heating up!  Big district games on April 12th, Merrol Hyde ends Goodpasture's undefeated/ unscored upon streak with a 5-1 win!  And, Smith County knocks of Livingston in a 2-1 win. I did not see that coming.  Congrats to both teams.  Looks like Smith County is the team to beat in the East.  Oh yeah, Central beat Watertown 10-0, I thought it might be more, after the little incident, I'm sure Coach Bennett called off the dogs early.

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Smith is a surprise for sure. I'm not sure I'd say they are "the team to beat in the east." I think that is still DeKalb. What was the "little incident" you speak of between Watertown and Central?

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3 big games on Tuesday for District 8 A-AA.  Livingston at Macon, I think Livingston will win, but they are down a man due to red card and they are playing at Macon?  Central Magnet at Merrol Hyde.  A battle for 1st in the West.  DeKalb at Smith.  Smith Co. looks good this year, also a battle for 1st in the East.

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I take DeKalb over Smith. DeKalb has too much offense. Smith will score 1 or 2, but I feel DeKalb will punch in at least 3-4 goals. Central will more than likely best Merrol Hyde. I just don't see anyone shaking Central this year. The planets would have to align for them come unglued in District 8. As far as Region and State goes, who knows. What happened with Livingston's player? Double yellow to red or straight red?

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EWW straight red must have been bad. I agree Central is the the team to beat. I believe DeKalb vs Smith will be a good one. Both teams seems much improved this season.

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Oh my, Tuesday night results:  DeKalb @ Smith 2-2 Tie.  Way to go Smith Co. you guys wanted it more than we did.  I have never seen so many balls roll through the box without us scoring? Macon Co. 3-1 over Livingston!!! Coach Coe has got to be proud of that one.  Way to go guys.  Central wraps up 1st in the West with a 4-1 Win over Merrol Hyde.


8 A-AA West

1. Central

2. Merrol Hyde

3. Goodpasture

4. Watertown

5. Cannon Co.



1. Smith Co.

The rest is up for grabs!!!

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