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Bearden Tournament results

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Just a thread to post scores and talking points about the games from this weekend.


CAK  VS  Hendersonville CAK 7:00 PM
Bearden  VS  Gallatin BEARDEN 7:00 PM
CPA VS Hardin Valley BEARDEN 8:30 PM
Gallatin  VS  Morristown West BEARDEN  5:00 PM
Webb  VS Notre Dame WEBB 5:00 PM
CAK VS  Science Hill BEARDEN 6:30 PM
Maryville  VS  CPA MARYVILLE 7:00 PM
Bearden VS  Hendersonville BEARDEN 8:30 PM
Gallatin VS Hardin Valley BEARDEN 9:00 AM
Morristown West  VS  CAK BEARDEN 11:00 AM
Science Hill VS Notre Dame BEARDEN 3:00 PM
Hendersonville VS  Maryville BEARDEN 5:00 PM
Bearden VS  Webb BEARDEN 7:00 PM
Notre Dame  VS  West BEARDEN 10:00 AM
Hardin Valley  VS  Science Hill BEARDEN 12:00 PM
Maryville  VS  Webb BEARDEN 2:00 PM
Morristown West VS West BEARDEN 4:00 PM
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CAK 2 Hendersonville 1.  


Bearden 4 Gallatin 1.   I was only around for 2nd half.  All Bearden and only very good goalie play by Gallatin and lack of a final pass a few times by Bearden to keep to that score. 


CPA 3 Hardin Valley 0.   Only saw 1st half, so BigG can comment on apparently breaking it open in the 2nd half.  In first half, both teams had a few very good opportunities that just couldn't be converted.  CPA established some more control the last few minutes of half and then had nice individual slash and score by striker to score 1st goal with 8 seconds left in half.

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And almost forgot ... beautiful clear evening and field in very good shape considering 3 hours of rain earlier in the day!


Who'da thunk a Bearden Tournament could ever be played without howling rains and wind?  

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CAK vs Hendersonville - 2-1. Great game and effort by both teams. Hendersonville controlled possession but had limited offensive opportunities as CAK defenders were always where they were supposed to be. CAK in the attacking third was beautiful swift, thought out, and clean. Only lack of possession by CAK and tremendous effort by the Hendersonville defense and keeper prevented more scoring.

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Knox Webb put a pretty good beating on Notre Dame tonight (literally and figuratively).  4-0 final.  It is the first time this year that ND has been dominated the entire 80 minutes.  The better team definitely won, but that was the most clueless center ref I have seen in a long time, maybe ever.  Webb is very big, fast and physical and they take everything the ref will give them (which all teams should, I know), but the ref tonight was in a very giving mood.  I just want our boys to make it out of this tournament with all our players still able to play in our games that actually matter.  We get many more refs like that, and our thin roster will be even thinner.  It's a meaningless tournament to help teams prepare the rest of the season, how about protecting the players?


Maybe I missed the memo, but is it no longer a common courtesy to kick the ball out of bounds when a player goes down?  Especially if the player ended up on the ground from a blatant elbow to the head (which broke his tooth) and you are up by 3 goals?

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3-2 CPA over Maryville tonight.


Top notch one of the nicest surfaces we have played on this year.


Maryville scored first off of a corner and then as time expired, we put one in.


We then scored twice in the second half off a set piece and then one on the 18.


Maryville knocked one in during the last minute or two and the game ended 3-2 in favor of the Lions.


Maryville has some QUALITY midfielders and are pretty deadly off of throw ins. Their 3 top players played extremely high and we had to adjust some since we hadn't seen that before.


Fun game, though we are tired and a bit sore from two games in 24 hours.


Good luck to Maryville. I think they will do quite well this season.

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Morristown West 3   Gallatin 1:   Caught last half.  Not much to talk about.


Science Hill 5   CAK 0:   CAK evidently was missing a couple of key players but Science Hill absolutely dominated in a game I assumed would be very close.  CAK continually fouled just outside their own 18 and Science Hill made them pay with 3 free kick goals.  #11 for SH is about as good of a high school player I've seen around here for a single game.


Bearden 6 Hendersonville  0:   Bearden was up five 20 minutes into 2nd half.  Had all the run.  Would assume Webb and Bearden will be great game tomorrow.

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Hardin Valley 2   Gallatin 0

CAK 5 Morristown West 0

CPA 2   Knox West 0

Science Hill 2    ND    2

Maryville 4    Hendersonville 0

Bearden 3     Webb 2

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