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2022 Boys' Soccer Schedules Can Now Be Added


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Edited for 2022: VERY Important Note from CoachT- we now have almost every school in the country in our database. So, when you add a game use the autofill selection for EVERY school you add including your opponent. The ONLY time you will type in an opponent's full name is when they are not in our database, which is rare. Thanks

If you would like to be able to EDIT your games at any time, for rainouts and other reasons, after they have been validated then you will need to be a CoachT Plus member and be logged in. Then you can go to a game on your schedule, click the G beside the game, and you will see an Edit link. CoachT Plus is now totally donation-based. Click Here

You can now enter schedules and/or rosters. Do NOT enter any scrimmages or jamborees! We only want games that count in your school's record.

Please follow the following directions closely:


To add a schedule, go to the Inside page for your team and click "Schedule/Results." There is a link on that page called "Add Games." Click it and it will take you to the form. As you type in the names the database will begin to fill it in for you. Select the correct team from the choices, even for out-of-state teams.


- The games you add will not appear on the website until they are previewed by site operators.
- In order to save time, add only those games that do not already appear on the schedule.
- Use the drop-down menu for all games, even against out-of-state opponents. Almost all schools nationwide are in the list. Check your spelling, or try typing it a different way (ie co instead of county).
- If the game is a district game, be sure to check the appropriate box.

Finally: Until you're very familiar with the form, be sure to look over it before you submit it each time to avoid mistakes.

Once you have finished adding the schedule your entry will appear on the website once CoachT validates your submission.

Schedules, or partial schedules, that we currently have.

When you make a mistake, and you will :) , then text me at 615-763-9150 (or email me at [email protected]) and include the link to the schedule or roster in the email. Including the link to something that needs editing saves me a tremendous amount of time over an entire season.

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