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Region Finals West Tennessee: Who you got and why?

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Region 6 A - McKenzie vs Frank Hughes - I have McKenzie because they have the experience and the guard play

Region 7 A - Humboldt vs Middleton - I have Middleton because they have one of the best players in the state in Robinson

Region 6AA - Gibson County vs Union city - I have Union City because they are starting to get use to their roster after getting their best player back from injury

Region 7AA - Bolivar vs Douglas - I have Douglas - too much balance and too many scoring options. 

Region 6AAA - chester County vs South Gibson - I have South Gibson. They play harder than any team I have seen all year and they seem to enjoy defense

Region 7AAA - Haywood vs Ripley - I have Haywood simply because they let ripley sneak them in the District and Chapman can play

Region 8AAA - Fayette Ware vs Ridgeway - I have Fayette Ware - Just too much for ridgeway top to bottom.

Region 8AAAA- East vs Overton - I have Overton 


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    • Those 2 Baylor kids were Georgia kids so you will need to go get on a Georgia wrestling board to find out about them. And I believe if I were you I would have picked a school with a few more all Americans than what Rutgers has had to lie about.
    • A problem could be issues between the Ayers' and the USJ administrator. He may not care as much as the coaches like. The Ayers' daughter is a star softball player. They will want to move to a program that has a strong softball program in addition to a strong basketball program.
    • I didn’t exactly ask the exact results of his matches.  I wanted to know the path he is on and @durdon explained it very well.  Not sure how my original post made you so upset.  I was an AA for Rutgers sometime within the last 5-10 years.  I choose not to reveal my identity because I am afraid you angry southerners might take this too far.  I apologize to anyone I offended but I was just trying to keep track of the past good TN wrestlers and help inform people what Jersey wrestling is really like, and yes Jersey is not the best place to live.  Which is why I moved to TN.  While we are on this topic what happened with the 2 baylor kids at wyoming?
    • They have trucks lined along the fence beside the home stands. When the team gets ready to run out the trucks rev up. The y do it throughout the game as well.
    • Hampton will be legit this year!  https://tenor.com/uUQe.gif  
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