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    • Mad? Lol, not hardly. I’m just pointing out the obvious offenders. And a little secret, none and let me repeat, NONE of those players would be elsewhere had Coach Rosser not had to leave. And not Jones, Lowe or anyone else could have done anything about it. Just a FYI 
    • Mccallie did bring in a ton of talent but most of that is 8th graders. No doubt they will be force in the coming years, but I have a hard time seeing them beating Father Ryan and Baylor this year. 
    • People see a game from Oakland in the playoffs and they think they can't pass but anyone that saw them when Freeman was the sole starter at QB knows that's not the case. He's going to put up some big numbers when he's a senior There were a few iffy class against CG, but they straight up whipped us. Game could have been at Oakland and UT wouldn't have made much difference.  CG has been a top 30-40 team in the country all year and it showed. If you want to see an TN team getting screwed over in a out of state game ask @Blaze45 about the time Blackman traveled to Bowling Green
    • nope.  Baseball's success recruits on it's own. They don't have to break any rules.  They had like 13 or 14 kids sign d1 last year and theyve had 12 state championships.  I don't know how many pros they've had but it's a ton.  programs successful over the long haul often don't have to recruit.  That's why i don't think alcoa reallly recruits either. Do kids move ther? sure.  But people aren't out contacting players.  They don't have to, and it wouldn't be worth it to.
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