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    • Wish my Tigers were making the trip to Chatt. Maybe someday we will be one of the last 2 standing again   Good luck to all teams! I hope every kid can stay injury free and play to the best of their ability. Safe travels to all that are making the trip
    • Yeah, you haven’t heard that anywhere. Nice try though.   and congrats! Welcome to East Knoxville High School football! Every team has good recruits. Your team was the first to start doing it down here, and guess what times have changed? You ain’t the only one anymore. Schools like Austin East, Bearden, Harden Valley, Heritage, etc. get sucked dry every year until they find someone like Bearden. It's going to keep happening, but when they do, I’m sure everyone will start whining, just like everyone has with the coach Jones hire. So here, go find you a bucket, and you can collect all your tears in there.
    • Don't be mad that someone is recruiting your players. You have to recruit if you want to win in knox county much less the state. Rosser was taking other school's kids and you either turned a blind eye or was ok with it because everybody's doing it. Ya'll were good during the Helton days and were up and down until Rosser came. I would not say rich in tradition, but I would agree with having talent in the zone. 
    • The size difference in these 2 teams is really big.
    • Yup, Tornadoes run pretty good in the rain.
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