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"Savage Orange Sunrise"


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The following is a personal narrative assigned for my AP English class. My topic: my first UT game. I am posting it here: 1)For your opinions since it is sports-relevant, but 2)Primarily because my printer is down and I am disc-less so I want a place to store it until tomorrow morning at school. Just to let you know, this narrative is an allegory to my future experiences in college.



"Wake up." The warm bedcovers parted in a sudden flourish of unexplained motion. My eyes viewed only the grim shade of nothing inside my eyelids as the Great Force raised me into His wary grasp. All dreams faded and reality burst upon me, entering before I could discern its unabashed rhythm. The Place to which I was traveling had just begun its own journey inside my body, seeping inside my heart through my tender 5-year-old skin.


Texas-El-Paso is not good at football, and besides, they are the wrong color orange. Dad says so, and he is the smartest person in the world. Big people know a lot, but Dad knows everything. He is even going to buy me football cards and show me around the college. Where is the college? Where are we now? The college is to the West...no...East. Directions are hard to remember. I know I will get lost a lot when I get big because it is hard to know which way is which and all the green signs look the same. I'll just take the bus everywhere. That will fix it. Driving is scary anyway.


"Almost there! Seven miles to the exit. Put your shoes on and get ready." The Camry's lighthearted hum intensified like the footsteps of a fleetfooted messenger nearing a rendexvous with his next carrier. Anticipation's lofty cirrus clouds began to bulge with a liquid they were not made to restrain: Adrenaline. Yet another form of precipitation began to trickle through small beads of thought: Anxiety.


Will we win the game? Will the fans be loud? Will I get lost? If I do, how will dad find me? The people are nice, aren't they? They can help show me where to go. But I do not want to be alone. "Look for Gate 3, Section G. That is where we will meet if you get lost." Or was it Gate G, Section 3? Dad will remember. But will I? I'll just hold tight onto his hand. I won't let go so I'll be safe. "Don't let go, don't go away, don't get lost because you don't want to go home with a stranger..." Wait. The car is stopping. Here we are! Everything is bright orange!! But at night does that orange become dark? Or does it stay bright but you can't see how bright it is? Or maybe it isn't bright at all but the sun makes it look that way. I guess I'll find out. Time to go to the huge orange stadium. I can't believe there are seats for everybody! I hope ours are good.


"Here it is, son. The Greatest Place on Earth." The throng thundered its concurrence as a mass of warriors wearing the colors of the American Daisy clamored onto their feudal ground. The journey East had ended. But the game had only begun.

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