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AAU Board

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Shouldn't the AAU board be open to all members for posting (plus or not) year round since AAU does not necessarily have a season. They have many sports that play at different times of the year and tryouts occur year round. I know that you want to incourage people to apply for plus membership, but many kids use the AAU boards to find tryouts and opportunities for their sporting endeavors. Without an opportunity for them to post, or for a coach or team to post a tryout, they may miss out on some important opportunities for themselves. Anyway, its just an idea. Thanks

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Without getting into my philosophy on AAU, and the things I think are great about it and the things I absolutely detest:


In past years 99% of the AAU talk has been about basketball. As a high school site I have never liked the talk about AAU taking place before the high school regular seasons have even ended. That is a distraction for the players at a time when they need to be most focused on their high school teams. Once their season has ended there is time for AAU.


Not a perfect answer, by any means, but that is the way I feel about it at this time.

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