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  1. Who wins new region 6 A

    Huntingdon vs. Loretto PC/McKenzie vs. Summertown
  2. District 12A

    Loretto I believe lost by 10, not sure how the game ended up at 10, maybe close, maybe not. But I promise, Loretto will be a tough out, they will give whoever they play all they want. It will help that Loretto is familiar with playing at the LCHS site. Don't sleep on them because of a Christmas tourney game.
  3. Next Year's Top Teams in Single A

    Loretto/Huntingdon would meet in semi-finals.. if top seeds advance, it would be Summertown/Huntingdon finals.
  4. Upset of the year Clay beats Clarkrange

    Wow, big turn of events for all those folks proclaiming these 2 teams, hands down, the beat 2 teams...gotta love post season basketball
  5. Who wins new region 6 A

    For sure, they were in a great position to knock off Summertown this past Friday night...
  6. Who wins new region 6 A

    It looks like Houston County and East Robertson are atop D9 and Richland is on top of D10, everyone else in Richlands district is below .500.... it seems like the Region 6 winner and runner-up may have a very good chance of both moving forward by looking at the records. It looks like the realignment of regions in this particular case have made the actual region tournament tougher to win that the sub-state... jmo
  7. District 12A

    71-34 Final
  8. Who wins new region 6 A

    I agree, I think all good teams will put in post season plays that you haven't seen on film all year. Not sure exactly how a team should game plan for Summertown, they are 18-1 at the moment, with 7 different leading scorers, 4 of those starters and 3 off the bench. Like forementioned, they play 11-12 deep with everyone scoring, they are deep and experienced. Those 11-12 are made up of 7 seniors, 1 junior, I sophomore, 3 freshman (2 of those freshman played at the state tournament last year as eight graders). All of those players have played in state tournaments in either basketball, volleyball, softball, golf or cross country. If they make it back, the stage will not bother these girls.
  9. Who wins new region 6 A

    Breaking News!!!! Summertown lost to Gleason! Zebra you seem fixated on the fact that Summertown lost to Gleason, but yet give them no credit for the 16 game win streak since then. Yes, it was the second game of the season and they lost by 4, not sure how much stock to put into games that early but you seem to think it's a very strong barometer of a team. Summertown does have a chance to make a run, as well as several other teams. Marchups, injuries, game location among other things will be determining factors. So let's just see how the games play out and not let that loss determine how well Summertown can do.
  10. District 12A

    I agree, it was a good game as well as the girls game was. I thought PC really struggled in the 4th with the press and that's when Summertown gained momentum and knocking down those 3's kinda blew it open. You never know what to expect in these district games, they sure are fun to watch.
  11. Who wins new region 6 A

    16-1.... Beat #4 Cheatham County (AA) and #11 Moore County
  12. District 12A

    Postponed due to Lawrence County schools closing until Monday, no school, no practice, no games.
  13. Who wins new region 6 A

    Hawkins was no doubt a very slow version of last year..she could still score if she caught the ball in the post but she can't get to the rim like she could last year, hate to see any injury to young kid. But, nonetheless, it was a good W for Summertown.
  14. Top teams in A

    I noticed that also... maybe needs to back off the steroids or something...lol