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  1. cbballfan

    16U Player looking for AAU team.

    We live in Lawrenceburg,
  2. cbballfan

    District 10A Tournament

    Maybe CA needs to check their “formula”. That same team that you commented on about Summertown losing to 3 times this season, also ended CA’s season this season and has beaten CA 4 out of the last 5 meetings. CA did end Summertowns season this year on OT at home.
  3. My son is a 6’4” SG, looking for an AAU team to join for the summer. We live in southern/middle Tennessee. Not opposed to travel. Thanks
  4. cbballfan

    Greenfield vs. Summertown - A Championship

    Is this post just sour grapes? Asking for a friend .....Coming from a person who got busted for changing his team, team roster, and the area they were based out of, to be able to go to Gulf Shores to be able to play DOWN to be able to win a C class word series.........and you wanna talk about playing better competition.....maybe if you would have played better competition you wouldn’t have gotten kicked out of the tournament.....just saying.....
  5. cbballfan

    Class A draw

    Pickett won the championship game a few weeks ago when they beat CR. Not even sure why Greenfield is even showing up on Wednesday.
  6. cbballfan

    Class A draw

  7. cbballfan

    Next Year's Top Teams in Single A

    You can never make that statement that one team can beat another, any team still alive can win at this point, especially in the glass house. I am sure MC is not the same team as they were in the Christmas tourney back in December.
  8. cbballfan

    Summertown v Huntingtondon

    It’s Huntingdon....
  9. cbballfan

    Loretto vs. Huntingdon

    Huntingdon 32 Loretto 27 after 3
  10. cbballfan

    Loretto vs. Huntingdon

    Huntingdon 19 Loretto 17 halftime
  11. cbballfan

    Loretto vs. Huntingdon

    Loretto 15 Huntingdon 8 after 1
  12. cbballfan

    Who wins new region 6 A

    PC did play well the first game vs. Summertown. Second matchup at Perry County, Summertown obviously made a defensively game plan adjustment, was up by 30 I believe at halftime, won 71-34 and held Brooks to 8 points (I believe). I assure you, PC is not taken lightly, this time last year, Brooks went on a tear scoring 35+ points a game and single handedly carried them to the glass house.
  13. cbballfan

    Next Year's Top Teams in Single A

    You will have to remind me again. What color balls do they give out during the summer?
  14. cbballfan

    2018 Region 7A Tournament

    So your trying to tell us that you have seen every single A team in the state play. So which games of Summertown, Moore County or Loretto did you watch?
  15. cbballfan

    Who wins new region 6 A

    Huntingdon vs. Loretto PC/McKenzie vs. Summertown