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  1. cbballfan

    Who wins Region 6A?

    Wayne County/Huntingdon and West Carroll/ Summertown both play each other in both girls and boys. I could see where it would save the traveling teams transportation money if taking a bus. The home team would actually lose money because of gate as well, not sure if they will adjust the entrance fee for this.
  2. cbballfan

    Who wins Region 6A?

  3. cbballfan

    Who wins Region 6A?

    Summertown/West Carroll girls and boys will play both games on Friday night.
  4. cbballfan

    Who wins Region 6A?

    With Summertown and West Carroll playing against each other in the boys and girls game, what are the odds that they play both games on one night? It would make more since. Thoughts
  5. cbballfan

    Who wins Region 6A?

  6. cbballfan

    Who wins Region 6A?

    Upsets can definitely throw a kink into things come this time of year, I noticed where Huntingdon and West Carroll split during the regular season. If WC is the better team, it does put the best 2 11A teams in the same side of the regional bracket with the 12A runner up..... which means on the 12A side, being the 1 seed would be an advantage for sure, as far as making to a substate game.
  7. cbballfan


    MTP and CA
  8. cbballfan

    Who wins Region 6A?

    12A Top 2 teams have been Loretto and Summertown.. Loretto beat Summertown at home by 3 and won by 4 at Summertown in 3 OT. Their district semifinals are tonight at Perry County. The next 2 teams are Wayne County and Perry Co. They split in the regular season, each winning at home. Loretto has good guard play with a big (about 6’6”) athletic post. Not a lot of perimeter shooting but gets to the rim. Summertown is guard oriented. Starts 5 seniors, shoots the 3 a lot. Doesn’t have much size other than a SG (about 6’5”) and their post player (about 6’3”) but he is quick and has a motor. Wayne County starts 5 seniors (I believe). They have 3 very good players, 1 of those being about 6’5”’athletic post to go along with shooters around them. Best player is Risner, he can score from perimeter to post. Perry County isn’t very big but maybe the best coached team. They have some young guards but they are good players. They also have active post players. amything can happen in a tourney we all know. I believe Loretto, Summertown, McKenzie are top 3 teams in the region. No particular order.
  9. cbballfan

    2018-2019 Miss Basketball Nominations

    Pretty sure she is averaging about 20 ppg and shoots 80% from the line. I don’t know all her other stats but she is very good for a freshman and makes her teammates better, she gets everyone on the team good looks at the basket.
  10. Maybe do a little homework before posting.. Greenfield has 2 players that were Miss Basketball finalist last year. Maybe they don’t have SEC offers yet, may get them may not. But Miss Basketball is an award for your high school season not based on offers or who your daddy or brother is. Weathers is one of the best freshman players I have seen and I think her upside is crazy but don’t disrespect other players you have not even seen play.. I have seen Weathers play multiple times, she is definitely good but those two from Greenfield are very good also. If you were in the State Championship game last year like my daughter was, you could have seen them play. Loretto has a very good chance to make it to state and I expect them to as well as Greenfield. So maybe you will get an up close look at these 2... Good Luck to everyone, Single A basketball is loaded at the top... cat wait for this season to play out.
  11. cbballfan

    2018-2019 Miss Basketball Nominations

    If someone knows, I would be interested to see these lady’s stats for this season... I know stats don’t tell the whole story, just curious.
  12. cbballfan

    District 12A

    With just a few district games left, the top 4 teams have pretty much shaken out. Anything can happen in a tournament game but Loretto, Summertown, Wayne Co. And Perry Co. have shown to be the better teams. Loretto/Summertown have big game Friday night which could have implications in district tournament seeding. Along with PC/WC playing the same night which could determine who finishes 3rd and 4th.... Tournaments are about matchups and PC has the home court for the district tourney.... It will be interesting to see.
  13. cbballfan

    District 12A

    How did it go playing a better opponent?
  14. Loretto beat Fayetteville...... lol