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  1. Clay County will not shut down Karly, she is good for 20/25 points every game. She is too skilled, and she is great at getting her teammates good looks when she penetrates. In my opinion, everybody has one, the key to beating Loretto this year is to try to limit everyone else. If Loretto can get 2/3 other players into or close to double digits, it’s gonna beat hard to beat them.
  2. Summertown struggled in a facets of the game except GRIT, and comes out with a great win over a very good team... 2 of the teams that were arguably favored to win it all are out... #winandadvance
  3. ?? Hankins and Sirmones were most definitely there tonight.
  4. The team fouls were 10-10 with :56 left in the game....Both sides can say more fouls could have been called. What hurts Loretto in my opinion is they don’t have great ball handlers against pressure, obviously besides Karly. When Karly goes out of the game or doesn’t have the ball in her hands, they really struggle to get into a good offensive flow.
  5. Loretto has some good players but without Karly, Loretto would not be included in any of the conversations being had about teams with potential to win the gold ball. She draws so much attention that she creates a lot of opportunities for the other players. If Kary wasn’t on the floor, I’m not sure those players could carry the team as far as they may possibly go this season. I don’t think any disrespect was meant.
  6. Your correct, you will not be seeing Ryan Weathers. But, if Loretto throws their #2 James in the first game, you will see Mr. Baseball (front runner IMO), Tennessee commit Blade Tidwell. Just coming off a no-no and walk off grand slam. He can run it up to 94-95 mph. It could be a great matchup round 2 potentially.
  7. Summertown had too many turnovers to beat a good team in a state tournament. To say the other 2 sophomores didn’t play like they had been there before was an unfair statement . #22 was basically taken out of the game with foul trouble and #23 had 6 points and 5 rebounds against a good defensive team. #14 had an above average game for her offensively (9 points) but only having 1 assist from your point guard and 0 rebounds is not a reflection of “been there before”. The freshman post had 11 points, 12 rebounds and 5-5 on fg’s (according to tssaa). The “youth” hasn’t hurt them before. Summertown was there the previous 2 years with youth BUT had veteran leadership. I do expect them to return the next 2 years.
  8. Exactly when did I say those 2 were better? I said Weathers was one of the best freshman I have seen play and those 2 were very good as well.........I just hope Loretto draws Greenfield and we can see these great players go head to head....
  9. Summertown probably led majority of the game, until Huntingsons run late 3rd, early 4th.... give Summertown some credit.... great game
  10. Wayne County/Huntingdon and West Carroll/ Summertown both play each other in both girls and boys. I could see where it would save the traveling teams transportation money if taking a bus. The home team would actually lose money because of gate as well, not sure if they will adjust the entrance fee for this.
  11. Summertown/West Carroll girls and boys will play both games on Friday night.
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