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  1. District 9-AA Tournament schedule

    Beech and White House pick up wins tonight? Scores?
  2. Is the schedule out yet for next week's District 9-AA Tournament?
  3. District 11-AA Tournament

    Does anybody know where the District 11-AA Tournament is being played and who is in the championship match? I would assume that Portland is playing somebody in the final.
  4. District 7-A Tournament

    Does anybody know where the District 7-A Tournament is being played and who is in the championship match?
  5. Springfield at White House

    Did the WH placekicker make a field goal at the end to win it? How much time was left? How long was the FG?
  6. Friendship Christian at Trousdale County

    It's not a complex question. Did they attempt less than 10 passes? Or could they just not complete any?
  7. Friendship Christian at Trousdale County

    Can FCS throw the football or not? Or did they simply choose not to throw the football?
  8. Gallatin (1-0) VS Station Camp (0-1)

    Students who have been at a school for 2 or 3 years didn't have the option of staying put?
  9. Hendersonville vs Centennial...Who Wins?

    Was Dyilin Hoosier's transfer to Beech more of a basketball related decision? Did Deshiya transfer with him?
  10. Gallatin (1-0) VS Station Camp (0-1)

    What happened with Kaemon Dunlap? Why did he transfer to Beech?
  11. Sloan is a really nice player. Best player on the field was Carlisle, has been for four years. It was good for Westmoreland that Macon County took advantage of what was given and never committed to running Carlisle a lot. I'm not sure why though. He's the most dangerous player on the field. Congrats to Macon County.
  12. Passing leagues around the state

    Who all is at Gallatin on Saturday?
  13. Pitching strategy in postseason

    The No. 1s threw on Monday. It's just a matter of how much they threw. This thread was started on Monday.
  14. Brooke Parrott

    How good is Brooke Parrott at Chattanooga Central? She's been lights out in the postseason, giving up single-figure hits while producing strikeout totals in the upper teens every game.
  15. A/AA Region Tournament Results

    Why the odd start time at 7:15 instead of 7?