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2017-21 Bowl game info?

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SCtribe    2

Ive heard the TSSAA has omitted the rule for teams to have at least a .500 winning percentage to participate in a post season bowl game. Can anyone elaborate?

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There is a thing not everyone knows about where it's approved by TSSAA that teams can play a 11th game which if you want to give it a name & call it a bowl then go ahead.I help out in the Careacter Bowl.Teams go there with anywhere from a 0-10 record or sometimes 5-5 and everywhere in between.I know people hate the everyone gets a trophy idea in the world today but listen now.The games which have grown to 4 a year now(1 Thursday night and 3 Saturday) go towards a different charity.This past Bowl went to Lane Lee.A ill young man from the Oliver Springs Football team who is very kind.We set a record for t-shirt sales & attendance.Teams came from as far away as Bledsoe County almost 100 miles one way & York Institute 71 Miles one way & both were ready to play as were all teams,& happy to play.TSSAA gives each team playing in this credit for a win & score though kept by coaches, fans,players isn't kept on the scoreboard.We started this 3 years ago in the King's Academy vs Lenoir City game which was the first time during any level of football in any country this had happened earning us a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records!!! I also watched online Zion Christian who is trying to build up their program finished 1-8 & did not have a 10th game.They hosted Pickett County 0-10 in a Bowl game @ Zion which Pickett won in a very competitive,high scoring game.Both teams were winners there as they both took their share of beatings.Same with the Sunbright vs Union County Careacter Bowl game.Very close & competitive.I love football so wouldn't want to play in another game.The the folks at Grace are awesome & the facilities beyond awesome!!!

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