January 13, 2015
Decatur County Riverside vs. Trinity Christian
  Battle of District 15 foes
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Previous Meetings
Date Opponent
Feb. 17, 2017  at Trinity Christian57 Decatur County Riverside29
Feb. 7, 2017  at Decatur County Riverside68 Trinity Christian51
Jan. 13, 2017  at Trinity Christian63 Decatur County Riverside48
Feb. 19, 2016  at Trinity Christian60 Decatur County Riverside66
Feb. 15, 2016  at Trinity Christian59 Decatur County Riverside48
Jan. 15, 2016  at Decatur County Riverside62 Trinity Christian41
Feb. 12, 2015  at Decatur County Riverside49 Trinity Christian33
Feb. 6, 2015  at Decatur County Riverside63 Trinity Christian39
Jan. 13, 2015  at Trinity Christian43 Decatur County Riverside53
Feb. 12, 2014  at Decatur County Riverside66 Trinity Christian62
Feb. 10, 2014  at Trinity Christian65 Decatur County Riverside62
Jan. 14, 2014  at Decatur County Riverside57 Trinity Christian43
Feb. 12, 2013  at Decatur County Riverside51 Trinity Christian38
Feb. 5, 2013  at Decatur County Riverside62 Trinity Christian50
Jan. 11, 2013  at Trinity Christian47 Decatur County Riverside57
Feb. 7, 2012  at Trinity Christian54 Decatur County Riverside72
Jan. 13, 2012  at Decatur County Riverside60 Trinity Christian55
Feb. 14, 2011  at Trinity Christian50 Decatur County Riverside48
Dec. 17, 2010  at Decatur County Riverside45 Trinity Christian40
Jan. 26, 2010  at Decatur County Riverside40 Trinity Christian30
Dec. 18, 2009  at Trinity Christian50 Decatur County Riverside48
Feb. 10, 2009  at Decatur County Riverside32 Trinity Christian64
Jan. 23, 2009  at Trinity Christian65 Decatur County Riverside34
Feb. 18, 2008  at Trinity Christian64 Decatur County Riverside60
Feb. 7, 2008  at Trinity Christian52 Decatur County Riverside63
Jan. 18, 2008  at Decatur County Riverside60 Trinity Christian46
Feb. 26, 2007  at Decatur County Riverside36 Trinity Christian65
Feb. 3, 2007  at Trinity Christian62 Decatur County Riverside43
Jan. 16, 2007  at Decatur County Riverside56 Trinity Christian70
Feb. 3, 2006  at Decatur County Riverside29 Trinity Christian46
Jan. 17, 2006  at Trinity Christian56 Decatur County Riverside58
Jan. 29, 2005  at Trinity Christian52 Decatur County Riverside34
Nov. 30, 2004  at Decatur County Riverside43 Trinity Christian57
Jan. 31, 2004  at Decatur County Riverside50 Trinity Christian53
Dec. 2, 2003  at Trinity Christian0 Decatur County Riverside0
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