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    We can still add a team to this tournament if your looking for a place to go teams: Baylor Beech Blackman Arlington Knoxville Halls Wilson Central Mcgavock Cane ridge Rossview MUS GCA Knoxville Montgomery Central Franklin Road Academy contact John Kramer [email protected] or TEXT : 810-599-3575 text works better as our school email blocks a lot of emails it shouldn't
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    I would think coach Ward turning down the offer stings the Milan faithful a little with him being from Milan. BPM, after your response earlier, I read the Milan paper. Sounds like they are being very conservative with the salary for the next coach. If so, this may cost Milan and may have to settle for an assistant with no previous head coaching experience that is wanting to make a name for himself. (and I am not saying an assistant coach, if hired, would not win at Milan.....there are very good assistants out there that is very capable of winning)
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    Buford wrestlers second in Ohio tournament From Staff Reports [email protected] Buford placed second in the Greater Miami Valley Wrestling Tournament over the weekend in Dayton, Ohio. (Special photo) Buford placed second in the Greater Miami Valley Wrestling Tournament over the weekend in Dayton, Ohio. The tourney featured 49 teams from Ohio and Kentucky. The Wolves finished as runner-up by 39 points to St. Paris Graham, ranked third nationally. Logan Ashton, Nick Stonecheck and Alcein Mendoza had second-place finishes for Buford, while Cooper Roberts, Charlie Darracott and Blaine Bergey ended up in third. Kyle McCullough was fourth in his weight class and Nick Cambria was sixth.
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    Cumberland County went 3-0 and claimed the championship in the Innisfree Beach Tournament in Pensacola, Florida.
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