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    Isn't it funny when we point out the 'truth' folks get nervous and tell us to stop being negative. What I am looking forward to is the time when the Swamp is drained in DC and we can start working on our state and local swamps. I bet the same swamp creatures will still be trying to delay such necessary public projects as the gallows that need to be erected on EVERY court house square in the state. I look forward to still be around to pull the lever a couple of times at least. I fought communist/socialists too long to see the 'TRAITORS' take this country. There has been a male member of my family fighting for our country in one form or another continuously since 1645 when the first two males arrived here from England. Son is currently at Fort Sill.
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    Don't know if that is City Council or school board members! haha
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    It doesn't matter if it is my team or not. I'm quite sure you aren't the only person who feels this way about the coaches who coach teams from Memphis. What you stated could very well be a true and acurate depiction of what is going on. Again, I don't know all of them. However, the one's that I do know don't think like that at all. I feel confident in saying that most probably don't think that way at all. Especially the 18 or so, that you stated, don't report their rosters to Murphy. Because you stated yourself that they are mostly losing programs anyway. To just throw a blanket statement out there like that about coaches you don't know ... because they don't fill out rosters for a book they haven't heard of and don't know anything about. A book that doesn't even sell well in the area? A book that I, an avid high school football fan in Memphis, doesn't deem worthy to pesrsue to buy. Most of the people in Memphis, like me, who follow high school football, don't buy Murphy's book. I personally don't know anyone in my circle of friends and high school football enthusiest, who buys it. Let alone, even bringing it up as a topic of discussion. Now, I'm supposed to think the coaches are not reporting rosters on purpose so they don't get caught cheating? Wow! This is what I have discovered over time. I've been following high school football in Memphis for quite a while. For the most part, the guys who coach high school football are stand up men. They don't even think the way you accused them of thinking. THAT has been my experience. There are some who are rotton apples. But by and large, they mostly care about young men and they love the sport. Filling out a roster form for Murphy's book isn't a priority on their list of things to do for the season. It's just not. To them, it is a waste of time, if they even give it THAT much thought. But hey ... they are all a bunch of cheaters anyway. Right? Again ... Wow!
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