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  1. Why so personal? Whats it matter who plays well as long as your team wins? That general isn't right or wrong, everyone, including Deven, will need to play well to beat Upperman again. Lets not bash our own fans for their opinions. I think the guy was just trying to say how it would help if Deven did play well... Thats just my opinion....
  2. I disagree, a 'gut check' can come in real handy at times. Its never good to lose, but something positive can be found in it. Gut Check aside, I would like to see LA win it, but I believe I will UHS will take it since it is at their gym.
  3. Congrats to Dunn. Isn't there a list of who made 1st and 2nd team all-district?
  4. Either of these teams have the ability to cause some problems for the other 7AA teams.
  5. I am not saying that I agree with the other guy, but when you are 6'8'' a little more is expected out of you.... She will be a good player though.
  6. Might as well get it started. Who are your picks for 7AA MVP and Coach of the Year? Remember, we are praising those who have done well, not bashing anyone. So, don't be negative. Lets keep the thread open. I know that I am a LA fan, but thats not why I am going the way I am. MVP-Chase Dunn-LA: This kid has been unstopable all year long. His average points per game has to be close to 20. But, not only can he score, he is vital to his teams success. He gets everyone involved. Take him away from the Wildcats and I am not sure if they win 5 games all year. Thus, he is the "Most Valuable Player". Coach of the year- Richard Melton-LA: I am not choosing him just because he is winning and coaching one of the top teams in the district either. This is a young coach who has a VERY young team. He lost alot of talent last year. Lost several starters. He only has 1 senior on the team this year and only 2 juniors. The rest are all sopmores and freshmen. That is a young team. This young coach has led his very young team to the top of the district once again. He has his team in a great position to win their region this year. That is why he is my "Coach of the Year".
  7. I was a Dale Sr. fan.... Therefore, I would like to see little E win a few races... But I just don't think he is all that great... I think the 07 Champion will either be Gordon or Stewart
  8. It could happen...I see it like this at the end of the tournament. 1-Upperman 2-Livingston 3-York 4-Smith
  9. May just be me, but bands get on my nerves when indoors.. May just be the echo..?
  10. The Wildcats played excellent defense in the second half. I just hope we can do that for the rest of the year.
  11. Anyone know of the result from the Rickman vs. LMS game... LA played tonight and I couldn't make it.. and yes... Sells is the real deal...
  12. With the tournaments just around the corner, what are some early thoughts? I have heard alot of talk about another 8AA sweep. Is that going to happen again this year? Can anyone step up and take down White House? If so, who? Upperman is hosting the regional tournament, will that be the extra push that they need?
  13. Jackson Co. managed to hold Dunn to only about 15 points instead of his normal 25, but Mclerran stepped up and had around 12 I think. The crowd just never seemed to get into game for Jackson Co. after the girls got beat. Ramsey only had around 4 points. He hasn't really been getting involved much. The Wildcats need more from him if they are going to make noise in the tournament. THought you were a Bulldog fan now...?
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