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  1. people always hatin hardcore on farragut and bearden haha its funny
  2. alright im gonna stick up for my boy muth...first off he is a GREAT defender and i was not at the game (too early) but my pops told me that muth had to take down carter both times...first time resulted in a goal and second (one in ot) did not. both were smart fouls and he eventually saved the game because i heard carter was prob going to score if muth hadnt pulled him down the second time....but the bad part is that muth will be out for two games (lame rule by tsaaa and shows how ridiculous tennessee soccer is) the thing is every player should play each game to win...i have never ever thought of trying to lose a game because circumstances affecting the game. i hate to lose and i know muth does too so who ever would have let carter score so farragut could play "oak ridge with muth" instead of west without him is ignorant or not a true competitor. smart fouls are part of the game it happens in both the nba and the nfl...watch when a corner is beat he will reach out and grab the reciever...usually it only results in a 5 yard holding penalty which is much better than a td thus when muth fouled carter it resulted in a direct kick (which beaver saved) and not a goal. muth you did the right thing homie and its stinks u wont be able to play west but ur teammates should step up for you
  3. yeah i was real happy especially wit the pops coaching to hear they won 3-0 but since i wasnt at the game i didnt get to see how farragut matched up against beardens varsity. i am planning on coming to the district final friday which should be a huge game between farragut bearden with the loser traveling to wests awful field for an elimination game...intense
  4. too bad hendersonville got murdered by bearden
  5. i must say wests field is awful but ill go farragut 3-2...goals for farragut by bolton, mottern, and hemeter
  6. im going to be completly honestly with you. firts off we decided to play most of the spring season even though they cut our program. we did tie them but i wasnt impressed with them either. we were winning one zero the whole game and had many chances to put the game away (including myself i missed a break away by trying to chip the keeper but it just went over) they did have some really good players but also a lot of "iffy" players. we had a game against kentucky later that game so we did rest most of our the starters the second half and they scored when one our players slippin to clear the ball and one of their players finished his oppurtunity. overall i think the score should have been 3-1 in all honesty
  7. ucsoccer what i have learned from playing a year in d1 college soccer is that ANYTHING can happen...pretty much any team can beat any team on any given day...its so different from high school. in college "most" teams can compete with most other teams. in the case of our season last year, pretty much every game was extrememly close. we were beating creighton (number 10 team in the nation at the time) 1-0 all game and then they scored two goals in the last ten minutes. creighton went to the sweeet sixteen and another team from our conference (bradley) made it to the elite eight and i must say i wasnt not impressed with either team. but then we would go from that game to playing a middle of the pack d1 school and the game would be just as close. this may have been do to our extreme youth with only one senior who played most games but it just seemed like most teams were equal in talent. we actually played berea for senior night and it had been raining for three days (it rains all the time here in kentucky) our coach didnt want to cancel senior night so we decided to play in the rain. the thing was because of the rain our field was completly flooded so we had to play on our football field (cuz of the turf) lets just say most of my teammates could care less about the game (actually had a few drink before the game) we played all our seniors and our usually starters got a rest. i only played 10 mins so 3-0 outcome is what it is....a win. but i must say they were really really bad. i felt bad for them but they were really excited to play a d1 team so it was all good.
  8. WOW your are absolutely ignorant...first of all evansville is def not naia. they play in the missouri valley conference with western kentucky...wow you are so dumb and your second supposed naia team xavier plays in the atlantic ten conference...also division one. western did play one naia team berea and beat them 3-0 in a monsoon...berea was worse than most high school teams...cool division HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and not too mention western started 1 or 0 seniors every game but i guess you just couldnt cut it at cumberlands...that is a tough school to play for...sike. i just dont understand why you and your family enjoys hatin on kids...cool life
  9. yes pinball just reminded of something...a team from western kentuckys conference (bradley) made it to the elite eight this past year by beating maryland and daniel kellys team indiana
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA wow...you are straight ridiculous. first of all lets be honest with ourselves...you go to the university of the cumberlands hahaha why are you hating on other people...most people havent even heard of your school....you only have like 1400 students or somethin like that. stop hating on kids that go d1 just cuz you didnt. there is a reason why its division ONE...cuz its the best naia still has some really good teams but very few. o yeah and i loved playin your family in state championships in high school...the freshmen and senior rings are awesome to have haha...and ill leave you with another quote ..ike the dem franchize boyz say u need to stop "talkin out da side of ya neck"
  11. yeah backstrom's school lost their team cuz of some bull reasons but they also beat kentucky, evansville, and two other division schools in their spring season this year. thats what happens when you only lose one senior from last years team. so dont even try to bash on d1 schools. once losing his program he has had offers to saint marys college in cali, winthrop, marquette, unc asheville, and carson newman (all d1 expcept cn who is a very good d2 school) naia schools in now way would "run" "destroy" or "dominate" most d1 schools...as flo rida says "act like ya know" ezion
  12. the hardest game for farragut should be the lexington game...they looked good last year
  13. wow that is lame...real lame. good ol tsssaa always make great decisions...NOT
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