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  1. I totally agree and I think she will be deserving before she is done playing high school ball.
  2. She was not even mentioned for Miss Basketball
  3. I watched the replay you can see her jump up say that’s a foul and then say something else that got the coaches attention as well. I will give the coach credit he immediately started talking to the player. Would be interesting to know what the second comment was.
  4. I’m okay either way I’m proud of our team. I can always hang my hat that the team everyone picked out of our bracket went home by us. And getting to have fun with people crying over the officials made it even better. 53 to 50 have a good night.
  5. That’s awesome!! I have some really good friends from Summertown I know they are softball fanatics.
  6. One stat matters York-53 GC-50 Enough said. Have a good softball season
  7. We probably need to investigate that ref lol. We’d had a 4 point lead had they not messed up and gave them foul shots.
  8. I am not fussing or saying the technical was warranted or not . I will say players should not be yelling at the ref. Opinions are like buttholes everyone has one. I think a player talking back to a ref or yelling from the bench should be technical 1 minute into the game the same as it should be with 1 minute into the game. I don’t get to yell at my boss when I think they miss something at work.
  9. May lose by 50 but we played one more game than you. And I am a POS (pleasantly optimistic sports fan). Have a great night and good luck with softball season.
  10. To say Childress would openly say you got screwed is ludicrous. Be a grown up say the ball didn’t bounce our way. You all had a very good season many teams would be happy with. To take away from you team by blaming the refs and making statements like that is crazy.
  11. So to say York won because of officials is not disrespectful to the players, parents and fans from York? Officials are human and will continue to be part of a game. Never heard a winning team complain about the officials. GC had a good team just as York does. Refs will always be a part of the game and if your team loses it’s the easiest thing to blame them, been there done that. And I’m sure I’ll be complaining about it again but I also know to let it go and say maybe next time it will bounce our way.
  12. Classy move!!! Enjoy the rest of tournament from home. Win or lose next game we played one more than you. So I’ll be the happy POS.
  13. Or you might be getting your bench to be quite and not whining because they didn’t and you lost.
  14. When was this. It is ridiculous to say this when the elementary teams play 3 and 4 times a year. This is ludicrous that they do not play.
  15. It makes no sense not to play this game. I’ve grown up in Fentress County and pretty much lived here most my adult life other than leaving for college. I love to follow the sports programs from grade school all the way through. Even try to livestream some of the games for the kids that have gone on to play the college level. To say you don’t want to play a game because of animosity between the schools is ludicrous. That is a thing of the past. Was talking to a friend the other day and they made a very valid point. How can these same kids played each other 3 or 4 times a year during middle school but get to high school and it’s a issue. They have played travel ball together and for years 3 or 4 of the Clarkrange team has had kids that travel from the north end to play ball. I’m sorry but Lamar just showed the kids if you don’t like how it is going just say I’m not gonna do it.
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