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  1. The referees were from the clinch valley association. A couple from Rockwood (which is where Pemberton has lived for a long time, went to high school there). Some from Harriman, very close also. State does assign them. Should have more of a neutral crew. But game is over and the championships are set. The TSSAA enforces the rules to those they want. Rhea County knows all about doing that.
  2. I have read many posts about this topic and I will throw my 2 cents in. I have seen both these teams a couple times this past season and in the past seasons also. My thoughts are this. Yes the players and coaches could of behaved or acted better. But they are going to do what they havebeen doing the whole year. Talking trash from week 0 through week 10 goes on. I hate it and really think it has no place in the high school game. The referees let it happen from week 0 and on and than in a highly tense big game quarterfinal match up, you are going to start calling stuff that you have let go the whole year. My problem is with the TSSAA. Get control of this stuff early and you would not have half the problems. Great programs both with excellent players, coaches and fan bases. But this is a competition. Someone will win and someone will lose. Do not put down the other teams players and call them names because usually your team has acted worse, you just love em so much, you are blind to their actions.
  3. With the new playoff system going into effect next year. Wondering what some of you might think about having playoff games on Saturday mornings/afternoons with either an 11:00 or 1:00 start. I think the 1:00 o'clock start would be better. This would help with some of the travel if teams have to go a ways. Plus weather it may be warmer during a day game. And you may get a better crowd also. I would leave it up to the 2 schools who are paired to play. Yes, if you win it may give you one less prep day but it does give you another prep day before. Just a thought, please reply with what you think.
  4. I can go with most of these but I just do not believe if one region has 8 teams than another should not have 6, There musty be one team that is the closest to the rest that it should be as even as possible. Schedules should not be one region playing 7 region games while the another region plays five. I am more for balanced regions by teams than distance. It is only for two years. After that you can rotate one or two teams and make new regions. Players like playing new teams and most coaches like the challenge of preparing for new teams also. It is a win win for everyone.
  5. Couple of things on this subject, Henry County may or probably would be 6A if they counted their freshmen. But because their administration had the knowledge and insight to only build a 10-12 high school they do not count them. (Very smart move in miune and others opinion.) Now it does have a drawback that no freshmen can play on the high school teams but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The other thing on the 5A regions this has been my complaint for many years. If you are going to have regions than make them all the same number. 7 teams or 6 team whatever but start with 6A and have the Super 32, fine. Than the next 56 or 64 largest schools go into 7 or 8 districts to make 5A. Top 4 in each make playoffs. Next for 4A same number as 5A or add another 8 or 16. Still 8 districts. so on and so on, until you come to 1A and than you may have an uneven number in one or two districts. This putting 6 in one and 7 in another and even 8 in another is completely wrong. Keep it the same across the board. This is only for football so there should not be a problem. Once the playoffs start in year one put district 1 vs 2 and 3 vs 4, year 2 have 1 play 3 and 2 play 4, if it goes another year 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3, the fourth year you can sim[ply draw it out of a hat which districtsplay one another. If it goes only 2 years keep switching. Would benefit having players and coaches go up against other opponent instead of the same ones year after year. The way it is now the strong continue to get stronger and I am very happy for those people but it is very hard for a school to build up if they are always sent to play one of the stronger programs year after year. Not saying they cannot upset someone but moving teams around would help give some balance to the overall state of football in this State.
  6. You may have to check, but I do not believe Stewarts Creek will be one of the largest 32 schools in the State next year according to enrollment. They may be close bit not in top 32. Need more info bit the Redhawks may fly a bit in 5A.
  7. Looking at the Super 6 plan, Stewarts Creek would be like 44th in school enrollment. Would Rutherford County ask them to play up or will they move to 5A. Also, what teams in Rutherford County would they try and keep for non-district games. (Smyrna and LaVergne) ?
  8. Heard they interviewed a few individuals. Any word out of Clarksville on potential hires.
  9. What are the chances some Rhea County players will cross the river and play for Meigs? Many fans and families enjoyed Fitzgerald and company when he was at Rhea. Super Coach who does more for players than just teach football.
  10. Have to disagree with the no middle school. Knox County does not have middle school football and they seem to be doing alright. Fulton, West, in finals.
  11. According to the paper, interviews were to be held all week long. Must of been more than the four that were interviewed on Monday. My apologies for being wrong. I guess according to the athletic director and administration, Rhea County will not know for a week or two.
  12. Anyone know the timetable for naming of the coach. 2 days after interviews. Someone should of been offered by now. At least three of the people have openly said they want the job. What is the hold up? Or maybe they do not want it as bad as they have expressed!
  13. Who has the top swimming program in the Knoxville area?
  14. Wishing Coach Fitzgerald the best. He will do well there. About the current staff, I heard the investigation goes to the grand jury on Monday. This could really get bad for everyone involved. Anyone know what is involved.
  15. No Doubt, Big discrepency between the 1A, 3A and the 5A schools. I did not agree with the last years playoff formula but at least a team could finish the year with hope of making the playoffs. Withe the TSSAA setting up uneven districts that are not fair. 5 6A and 2 5A in one and 5 5A in one and 2 6A. Same for the 1A-2A-3A-4A. Makes NO SENSE. Go back to the old playoff system of top 4 get in. My thoughts on a possible solution. Adjust the districts every two years and change which district your paired with every year. Takes away always having to play the same people in the playoffs. Travel is not a problem, people will go to watch their teams play. This way, also gives more teams chances to qualify and move on instead of letting the strong survive and get stronger. Take out one of the classes also I believe 5 plus the 2 private divisions are enough.
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