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Everything posted by ecu

  1. Probably not. They don't care whether than win or not. T
  2. What happened to week of Nov. 1? Been that way for years.
  3. ecu


    Is she that good?
  4. ecu


    Who is PG at FC?
  5. ecu

    District 8-A

    Any surprises over the summer? Transfers?
  6. ecu


    I think that is a pretty accurate prediction. Is Coffee completely healthy?
  7. Cascade is going to be much improved. May finish as high as 3rd.
  8. Who are the playoff teams?
  9. Don't understand why they would re-assign him to another school in county.
  10. Saw on TSSAA website that his job is now posted. Great position for someone .
  11. So did they fire him?
  12. ecu


    That is unbelievable! Do they not like new coach? The Harris Middle School girls have been pretty bad the past few years.
  13. ecu


    8 total players or 8 good players?
  14. ecu


    When is Shelbyville camp?
  15. How did these two teams look in spring scrimmages?
  16. How good is Community? Same or worse?
  17. Why would anyone act this way at the State tournament in front of all the big boys?
  18. ecu

    District 8-A

    How are teams looking this summer?
  19. ecu


    How are teams looking this summer at camp?
  20. ecu

    Sycamore Hoops

    That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.
  21. Community is going to be a very good team with great size and speed. Lots of seniors.
  22. 7 innings is the right amount for HS.
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