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  1. Obvious question----was there only 1 ref at this game? Seen many games where 1 ref seemed biased, but usually evened out with the other 2.
  2. FACT: They are in the state semi-finals tomorrow. As they say, jus' sayin'
  3. Thought so....nothing specific so move on to the next injustice.
  4. Fair enough. Been there and understand the disappointment of a big game loss. If game had ended up the other way, sure TCA fans would not be happy about refs either. Thanks to both teams for an entertaining night.
  5. Lake - I posted on your "it's a disgrace" thread you started. I went to see a good game and did not care who won, but I did not see the refs changing this game. I thought BTW got some calls in first half and can remember one where I thought TCA got call in 4th quarter. Overall, I thought it was a well called game. Tough loss for BTW - congrats to TCA. It was a great game and great atmosphere for a high school game.
  6. I have seen you post this on two different sites. I too attended the game as an unbiased outside observer because of the hype of this game. Did officials make mistakes --- yes. Did I think they were slanted to TCA----absolutely not. Would be interested in specific calls you are talking about that "tarnished the game". At one point in the game the fouls were 7-2 in favor of BTW. I thought refs took Hall kid out of game with 2nd foul in first quarter that was questionable. I do remember one call in 4th quarter that I thought foul should have been called on TCA and they ended up getting ball out of bounds - that was the only questionable call I can remember. The charge at the end of the game was definitely a charge and should be called if first play in first quarter or last play of the game. I agree it was a great game with two great teams but these rants about BTW not having the same "chance" to win as TCA----I did not see other than the fan base....I do think playing at home in front of that crowd was a definite advantage. I know that it was a disappointing loss to BTW but would love to hear your specifics as to when the officials threw the game.
  7. Sounds like USJ QB Garner got hurt in first quarter and DCA giving USJ all they want and then some
  8. Anyone have the schedule they can post? Boys and Girls if you have.
  9. Have they seen our team????? and they want us to not pray???????
  10. Why in the world are these two divisions not separated, anyway? Just name the top 5 in each division. Every other division is separated - can you imagine trying to rank 1A-3A in the same poll and make sense of it.
  11. Why you wanting to know about homecoming? Want to see what pretty girls look like?
  12. Does you Mom know you figured out the password to get on the internet?
  13. I challenge you all to do something - print off your posts and in 5 years when your child has graduated and gone, re-read what you have written. You will have an entirely new perspective on this after being away from it for a few years - these are summer camps people ! When I grew up, parents were not allowed to even attend camps as they were used as teaching tools....games would stop, coaches would come on floor, line kids up to tell them how/why they ran the play wrong, and TEACH them how to run it correctly. It may be time to go back that route. I will agree that the refs have been allowed to go downhill over the last few years - there are some exceptions, but the majority of them never cross half court and sometimes never get past the opposite court free throw line---and I want even go to the texting while "calling" the game. Kids deserve better - FROM ALL OF US.
  14. Congratulations to Davidson and USJ on great seasons and a great championship (from the parts I was able to see yesterday). Just saw the clip of the end of the game - wish the USJ coach had as much class as the players did in victory....I don't know or care what happened before this during the game or after Friday's game (as aluded to in the Jackson Sun this morning) but this was a horrible example to set for the kids and just hate that it took away from the girls' hard fought victory. Obviously a hard pill to swallow for Davidson players and parents, but one day they will realize all that they accomplished this year - congratulations ! To be playing the last inning of the last game of the year is a big deal.
  15. Little good natured ribbing, woody----you and coachcap seem ok----congrats to all 4 teams that made it to State, quite an accomplishment by any measure. Good luck the rest of the way.
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