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  1. Thanks this has helped alot!
  2. Cwilson

    Page Looking for a New Coach

    Coach Kathy Dye is a wonderful coach i have watched and heard about her coach she is not inly a great caoch but i fantastic person
  3. Cwilson

    Central Tennis

    Yea they defiently have a really good team....but try goign to some clinics or something for help on that serving things
  4. Cwilson

    EAsy and hard Lanes!

    Huntsville Al, has Parkway Lanes is GREAT very family fun and good people
  5. Cwilson

    which digital camera

    Canon is a really good camera but Poloroids are good too
  6. Cwilson

    Clinics for Lacrosse

    I might be what exactly is Lacrosse?
  7. Cwilson

    Jackson soccer Club U 18

    Yes they do have a great defense and to see them go to State would be great
  8. Cwilson

    Bedford Blaze

    Sounds Fun:) do you offer a team for 17 year olds??
  9. Cwilson

    2008 Pastime Tournaments Event Schedule

    Thanks that helps alot:)
  10. Cwilson

    Sports Plus Tournament

    How much is is it to enter??
  11. Cwilson

    Advertising Camps & Clinics

    i would like to hear about any high schools raising money maybe i can help out??
  12. Cwilson

    Riverdale vs Shelbyville

    Shelbyville wish you best of luck /smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" /> my predictions is Shelbyville
  13. Cwilson

    Please Pray

    i will most defiently keep him in my prayers...God be with him and his family and i hope the best
  14. Cwilson

    Just a very big "Thanks"

    Yes, hope all of you are ok and god bless
  15. Battle of the bands sounds like a great idea why don't one of you get a state competion together and htne we will see who is the best between you both??