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  1. Man hats off to Jackson for FC kid is gonna be a problem. I love the heart he is playing with being banged up.
  2. Wouldn't say causing problems but does have a mouth. I understand talking trash part of the game but if ain't playing should keep it shut in my opinion. Hopefully he gets to suit up for the South Pitt game I'll be at that one. But I will say 15 is a dang good ball player and warrior I don't hear a word from him he just played his heart out and that 12 y'all have I would take a team full of those two.
  3. I'm not gonna bash kids on here but I know two for sure. One was injured and the other was playing that's all I'm gonna say. Good luck to the rest of y'all's season
  4. The pain is horrible and when it happen to me years ago i had that mental aspect to overcome to trust it.
  5. Ah I've had that happen before takes a little bit to heal up for sure.
  6. So Basin starting QB is out this week? Tough blow for Basin. How long is he sideling for? Can't afford to lose him for an extended period of time with South Pitt and the playoffs coming up
  7. Great news definitely praying for him. Hates this we it happen if as right there running the down box. Glad to hear he's expected to make a full recovery. Thanks for the update
  8. Any updates on him? I hated seeing that.
  9. Polk don't score unless you get the middle school team out there.
  10. Embarrassing showing from Polk.
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