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  1. Blaster7

    Polk County Football 2019

    If Polk goes to the spread that will be a complete dumpster fire.
  2. Blaster7

    Derrick Davis's Chargers

    I was wondering how it went. Good to hear got all summer lifting and when can start practicing it's going to amp up. Davis is big on the weight room too. Central won't be gassed in the 4th any game I can promise that. With Davis and his staff those boys will be in shape
  3. Blaster7

    Derrick Davis's Chargers

    I wouldn't worry that's just weeding out the ones that really don't want to give the effort. He will get the ship righted and the ones that stick it out will benefit from the success this team is going to have.
  4. Blaster7

    Derrick Davis's Chargers

    I have a feeling won't have to worry about them going to Polk.
  5. Blaster7

    Derrick Davis's Chargers

    Oh it's just the beginning you guys definitely got a good one. Excited to see what he does up 411. Definitely pulling for him and the Chargers.
  6. Blaster7

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    I figured Davis getting the job and the kids knowing he can put them in the position to win games would get some kids out. I know one thing if put I the effort and have the right attitude you will play and the results will be good. I'm excited to see how this goes. Definitely be an improvement this year but next year and the years to come Central should be tough to handle.
  7. Blaster7

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    That's awesome to hear that many coming out
  8. Blaster7

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    Sounds very familiar. Davis and his staff will turn that program fast. This year will be fun for y'all for sure. Granted it's early but I know one thing that team will be prepared and the opponent will know they played a physical, discipline, and hard hitting team. I'll definitely be that way on Friday nights. I'm excited to be honest to see how good Central becomes especially since they have more talent at the school then Polk does. No knock on my alma mater and a adminstration that backs him and wants him there. I know Davis is fired up along with the staff. Sure the kids are ready to get to work.
  9. Blaster7

    Polk County Football 2019

    And they didn't fire him. He resigned Polk is in for a rough patch for sure. Wish Brewer well but not looking good for Polk.
  10. Blaster7

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    So that's the official name for that blue. Lol. I have been in contact with Davis about some and if need a chain gang I'll run them for him there if don't already have a crew. I ran the chains for him after I graduated back in 04. Was a freshman DD first year and been with him since. So might as well come across the creek with him lol . But I think I could wear Columbia blue. Definitely want to come up and watch any scrimmages y'all have this spring. And definitely be at the games even if I don't get to run the chains.
  11. Blaster7

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    Central is going to have one heck of a staff with what is staying and what Davis is bringing in. Like someone said Polk adminstration should be ashamed but they don't care the higher ups don't even care about the school system. I'm glad Davis is being accepted and yo be honest can't wait to see him turn around a rival. I have always supported Davis and definitely know Central hired the right man for the job.
  12. Blaster7

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    Heard Burt Jenkins will be on the staff as well.
  13. Blaster7

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    And I can almost promise there will be people on Central's side pulling for y'all and Davis. The way our school system is run is sorry. I for one and this is a former player for DD I hope y'all beat the brakes off of Polk. Personally been looking to get my kids into a different school system. Nothing with the teachers they do a great job with what little they have. Anyways great hire for Central and DD will turn that program around I strongly believe that.
  14. Blaster7

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

  15. Blaster7

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    I've heard he wants to work with the middle school and get a pipeline going. Something that never happened at Polk. And you're right I know first hand he don't baby kids. Y'all definitely hired the right man. Probably take a year or two but when he gets the culture turned around Central fans are going to be in for a treat.