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  1. Kid is doing work in the second half for sure. I'm very impressed
  2. Meigs don't want none of Dickson he's wore them out here in the second half.
  3. Yeah it's hard watching the state Polk is in. I remember the days they was a very physical team and fun to watch even during the down years. Davis leaving really did hurt the program. Wish nothing but the best for Brewer but he got a mess and a difficult job getting that program turned around.
  4. Polk has taken more then just a step back. Good luck to you guys in the playoffs make a deep run!!!!
  5. Meigs is know for that when things isn't going their way.
  6. I disagree I was a freshman Davis first year at Polk we won two games but after that season good off-season and spring we went 8-2. A lot of bad habits had to be broke and the culture from a few losing season and the season before he got there Polk went 0-10.
  7. Yeah the culture isn't going to change in a year. Davis got there late and been working hard on changing that. Have seen improvement. Central big problem too is turning the ball over and killing momentum
  8. I hear you I was a freshman at Polk Davis first year after I graduated started running the chains for him. Did that till he left and he called me up and asked if I would come up to Central a run them there for him. So of course I did lol. Central has a good one just got to give him time to get things changed. Which I know he will. But for the game Friday going to be a tough one for sure. Meigs is definitely playing great ball and Central i is coming off a bad loss. Curious to how they will respond
  9. Davis has been working hard on changing the culture there. Been tough to say the least.
  10. Central has shot themselves in the foot when getting into the red zone. They fix that they can score some points
  11. Talent isn't there. It's bad really bad then Davis left they won't be good for awhile. Wish Brewer well but he's going to find out there isn't any talent there. And the talent in Little league don't play or have terrible attitudes.
  12. And people need to stop assuming Soccer ran him off that isn't the case
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