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  1. Couldn't agree more. Davis will have them turned around fast and this season there will be improvement for sure. And when kids that ain't playing see what is happening more will come out. Looking forward to this season and supporting Davis and the Chargers. Be on doing my normal thing on Friday nights just in a different location and different colors. Go Chargers!!!
  2. Lol wow. When Davis had those very talented teams. He scheduled upperclass trans for out of district games. I also don't see Central only winning two or three games. Davis will have his team prepared and to be honest this Central team has more talent then he had at Polk for the last 5 seasons. I mean it's his first year there give the man some time. He's had to go in and change attitudes and the culture. Central has the right man for the job no doubt
  3. The o-line will come around for Central and when that happens they are going to be hard to handle.
  4. Thanks I knew was at Tellico last few years
  5. Where are they playing the jamboree at?
  6. Hated I missed this had to work over today
  7. Davis will have these boys prepared when the season gets here. Central does have some playmakers and some just wasn't used last year. O-line will come around. This team will be fun to watch yeah going to be some bumps during the season but new system and Coach but I can tell these boys want to play for Coach Davis and his staff.
  8. Tyner has it easily this year for sure.
  9. Walker Valley won't beat Central by 4 scores not happening
  10. Well looks like me and my brother got to trade in our red chain gang shirts and get some Central blue. Because we will be running the chains for Coach Davis lol. Told him if needed us we would be there. I always said if Davis ever left Polk I would stop running them for Polk. Ran the chains since 06 for him. Anyone hook me up with a large Central shirt?
  11. Oh I'm sure that one is circled for sure.
  12. Any word on potential scrimmages? I'm very curious on how Davis and his staff have done with the Chargers so far. I know there has been a change for sure just in this short time.
  13. I was wondering the same thing.
  14. If Polk goes to the spread that will be a complete dumpster fire.
  15. I was wondering how it went. Good to hear got all summer lifting and when can start practicing it's going to amp up. Davis is big on the weight room too. Central won't be gassed in the 4th any game I can promise that. With Davis and his staff those boys will be in shape
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