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  1. Does anybody have any updates on the Blackman or Oakland games...thanks.
  2. He runs out of a Base I formation....Or he did at oakland. He is a very very good coach, and yall are lucky to be gettin him. as far as 2 sport athletes, thats fine. We had several at oakland while i was there. He understands that. East Tenn. Connection...no clue... As for the freshman coach...he is a new one...only been there 3 years i believe. Sad sad day for oakland when that happened
  3. I heard tonight that Coach Marty Euverard of oakland is leaving and taking the Jefferson County Job. it will be in tomorrows paper. Coacht Ferg will be taking over the patriot program.
  4. REGION4!!! BOB!! listen to you two. you should be ashamed talking like that! oakland doesnt need any help from transfers...well, i mean, they do help, but, we arent dealing...lol...we all know that the coaches at oakland are great coaches, and will have these kids ready for some football....tisk tisk tisk...
  5. welp, here i am again, after my small time off again. However, this may be my last post on here this off season, because i am running out of coacht time, and have a whopping $1.60 in my checking account. so, therefore, i can not renew my membership. So, i will leave you with this...Oakland has some great coaches, but, i dont know if they are great enough turn this squad into something of a contender. maybe in 2 years, but, next year is definately a rebuilding year. I hope they do well, but, i just dont know. Region...school is going well. However, this summer i am joining the Army. I havent decided if i am goin Reserves or Active yet...but as of now i am 95% sure i'll be headed to basic this summer. I would like to stay in school, but, i dunno, sometimes...sometimes i dont want to...I think what i am going to do is join the reserves...go to basic this summer, go to school next year, go through my AIT (advanced individual training), then school again, then active duty...so, thats where that is. anyway, if you ever wanna drop me a line, my email is [email protected]
  6. well well well, I'MMMMM BACK! lol..but no for long. My plus membership ends here in a few weeks, somewhere round the 7th or 12th i think. So here is what i've got. Daryal Smith will be a great QB at oakland. He has played a little bit in the past 2years, and i know he can be great. He has a pretty good arm, and is quick as a cat, can change directions on a dime...he is a great athlete..They also have Kentrell Roper comming back, who should be pretty good as well. He's pretty quick, but will not hesitate to Lower his shoulder and run you over...I'm not sure on the others, b/c i havent been by oakland all year, and havent talk to the coaches, seen the players, etc. But i do know for sure that Coach Burke is taking the year off. He is still teaching at oakland, but i suppose he needed a break from coaching. As for the defensive coordinator, i'm almost positive that Coach Moose will be handling that dept. I know he he is, then they should be fine on defense. He is just as good a defensive coach as Burke, so he will have a solid defense planned, and scheme as good as any coach in the state. Well, thats all i got....later dudes.....
  7. I KNOW IT! TELL ME ABOUT IT! every other paper i had to write was MLA...but sure...my CJ professor has to be difficult...heh...i dont see the point in different styles....i tell ya, its gonna be the death of me in college....what with all my procrastination and such
  8. I like good ole, smashmouth, down hill football. So its the I formation for me, and sometimes power I. I am kind of partial to having a lineman pull through the hole, with a full back close behind(or blocking a D-end or what have you), followed by the tailback runnin for 6. or maybe mix it up a lil with a toss...then throw in some passes. Its a lil bit of everything, i guess thats why i like it...but mainly b/c you line up and hit the other team right in the mouth...its great.... But thats just me.
  9. Nah, i dont work there any more...long story, but i quit at the beginning of the year. as for grades....i got a STUPID C IN MY CRIMINAL JUSTICE CLASS!!!!! that makes me soo mad...all b/c i used MLA format instead of APA on one small paper....lol....other than that i got all A's and 1 B+...3.5 gpa...which i dont guess is too bad...but, oh well, hopefully i'll do better next semester...
  10. Well my friends, this past year on coacht plus has been a good one. However, i am entering the final 2 months of my membership, and as a college student, who has no money...not even enough to buy my membership again, i would like to say thanks to you all. I havent posted much in a while, but, i can tell you, i have been observing everything. I would like to thank all of you for countless nights spent arguing...excuse me....sharing differences in opinions with everybody. I will continue to be around...but, i thought i'd say this now. Merry Christmas.
  11. Riverdale doesnt play anybody? Middle tennessee football is so much better than football in any other part of the state. Germantown is always good. they always have a great record...but who do THEY play? riverdale plays teams who are contenders every year, in the toughest region in the state (although with seigle being opened, you can see how it hurt the m'boro teams). to say they dont play anybody is a slap in the face...and i dont even like riverdale..i graduated from oakland...their arch rival....
  12. Anybody have any updates on the game?
  13. i dont know what happened...but i guess lebanon just wanted it more. Oakland would get lebanon in 3rd and long...and then give up a big play. it was amazing how well they played on 1st and 2nd down, but couldnt finish...better luck next week guys.
  14. couldnt make it out to the game tonight...but boy after i went to last weeks LC game, am i glad OHS rebounded...still in great shape to win the region and make it to state....yall got my support if i am ther or not
  15. olineathlete


    The reason they are playing at riverdale is simple. Two years ago when it was at mtsu, it was Oaklands Home game. Coach Euverard did expect a crowd bigger than oakland could handle, so he moved it. Coach rankin decided to play their game at riverdale in the regular season b/c they wanted to make more $. The reason they play there this year is b/c the schedules were done again between years, and are 2 year contratcts, so next year its gonna be at ohs
  16. anybody got any franklin oakland updates?
  17. CBHS Dickson Red Bank Trousdale Pearl Cohn Lawrence Co DB William Blount
  18. here goes... Oakland Riverdale Brentwood Gallitan Columbia Cumberland Co (hope u win though la vergne) Lebanon Wilson Central Coffee Co. MBA
  19. Don't count oakland out. They have alot of speed too. They have a very good run defense, and their pass defense is no push over, espically with carlos back there. I am very confident in their ability to run through, over, and around Franklins defense. They have a very good offensive line and a very good fullback blocking for carlos. I am not taking anything away from a GOOD franklin team, but i think yall are underestimating this oakland team because of their week 1 loss to an AWESOME BA team. All and all, i think this will be a close game, with oakland winning by 7 to 10 points, depending on how their special teams plays.
  20. Oakland over lavergne Riverdale over Smyrna Blackman over siegel Lebanon over WC Gallatin wins big White house
  21. MTSU LOSES WITH NO TIME ON THE CLOCK. MTSU lead for most of the entire game. they were up 19-14 with less than a minute. FAU runs a few plays, and gets to fourth down and like 7....they snap the ball with 3 seconds on the clock...MTSU almost sacks him, in fact, he slips, and juggles the ball, regains it, throws it to an open man. Our Safety or CB, not sure, who had a big cushion, closed to make the tackle, missed, and they scored with no time left to win 20-19
  22. as much as i hate to say it, MBA will spank LaVergne. I dont really cares who wins, i would like to see LaVergne pull it out just b/c its the underdog, but i really dont see how they can win.
  23. olineathlete


    they dont, they play mba the 29th
  24. CoachT: When the game ends and the field goes dark, Coach T is just gearing up....or something to that effect
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