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  1. splainshornet

    Problem Connecting to Home Page

    Viva La Error!
  2. splainshornet

    West High vs. South Doyle

    Knox. West 35 South-Doyle 18
  3. splainshornet

    School Websites

  4. splainshornet

    South Doyle

    bsball4 maybe your hair was in your eyes during the game? Carter was penalized 9 times for 60 yards, SD 1 tim for 10 yards.
  5. splainshornet

    South Doyle

    Ok Take away a 65 yard pass, what about the other 441 yards of Offense?
  6. splainshornet


    TMyWhitePine do you suffer from being BiPolar? I'm glad the Hornets went out and busted South-Doyle right in the mouth, so haters like you can hop right back on the bandwagon.
  7. splainshornet

    CoachT Friday Night

    As long as you are having fun I was going to ask if there is anything we can do on our end to help, but now I guess I'll just sit and watch the Error Messages! CoachT slogan for 2005 Viva la Error!
  8. splainshornet

    CoachT Friday Night

    What is the deal about all the errors Friday Invision crap came up took past Midnight (eastern) to get on here, LUCKILY I had www.knoxvillepreps.com to get some info on. Will this be a problem all year?
  9. splainshornet

    South Doyle

    Carter 44 South-Doyle 7
  10. splainshornet

    South Doyle

    JMillaFerilla maybe you should stay on the soccer boards, because you don't know much about Football. Tonight's game will be a good one.
  11. splainshornet

    meigs county football

    Pigeon Forge wins in a ROMP. 35-12
  12. splainshornet

    Knox Halls-Carter Scrimmage

    good lord.
  13. splainshornet

    Rutledge vs. Cherokee

    The Grainger Co. Boys are getting games with the schools closer to them, I think it's a great thing. Rutledge is only 45 mins away from Cherokee, and for the first time in 33 years RHS plays Carter, which is only about 25 mins away. Carter scrimmaged Cherokee and took care of business, This one could be a defensive struggle. I'd say Cherokee wins 22-20
  14. splainshornet

    Road trip info needed to Motown West!

    The Field is at Morristown-East High School, not West. From I-40 Take the I-81 towards Bristol. Morristown Exit is #8 (Hwy 25E). Follow signs toward Walters State, go through 2 Lights (you'll see Wal-Mart). Then take the exit which is Morris Blvd. At the end of the Ramp (at light) turn left. You'll go to the 7th Red Light (Dairy Queen on Right East High on Left). You'll be at the game. Good Luck finding it.
  15. splainshornet

    Carter Fans

    When the subs were in the Wishbone worked good, when the regulars were there they struggled. BTW it was wet too.