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  1. TheLastWord

    SAF state championship June 1

    High School bass fishing.......I like it! i don't know who started this but you are doing an outstanding job! keep at it and you will have East,Middle,and West Tn. schools involved. I think this will be huge before it's all said and done. B.A.S.S. will help i'm sure, they are all about the future of bass fishing.
  2. TheLastWord

    Unakas girls

    Screen, again I like what your typing, the truth, but I don't think you will get through to this one.
  3. TheLastWord

    Unakas girls

    Nail on the head!
  4. TheLastWord

    Unakas girls

    Best post I've read! That 90% is what the players, parents, and "friends of the program" better look at. Ten years from now those young ladies that are in that 90%, and there will be some, will be looking at why they quit. That"s when you wouldn't want to be one of the ones that made it seem "ok" to quit. THAT is what they will NEVER forget OR forgive. REMEMBER, they will NEVER get it back!
  5. TheLastWord

    Greatest Teams in Class A of ALL TIME

    2004 Unaka Team.
  6. TheLastWord

    Unaka Rangers

    Seems to me you need to take Jr. to the house! WE LIKE ALL OF OUR COACHES AT UNAKA!
  7. TheLastWord

    Hampton Bulldogs

    When Cloudland decided (and it was THEIR choice) not to go by the TSSAA rules they lost their choice of where to play their Home Sub-State. Cloudland WILL play on the road, regardless of the outcome of the game. Poor decision making on someones part, and as usual, the kids pay the price for the next four years.
  8. TheLastWord

    Hampton Bulldogs

    Was you at the State Tournament in 2004? I think they won by 6.
  9. TheLastWord

    Unaka Vs. Cosby

    Not what I've been reading.
  10. TheLastWord

    Unaka Vs. Cosby

    Jump on in, it might be fun. Who knows we just might learn something. No need to apologize. I think old24, and LordIhatebeingaJrHighCoachvader were the ones that dragged the thread back out of the archives, well old24 just commented on the thread. Just like you and I. Oh yea, thanks for the spell check, and I'm not your partner.
  11. TheLastWord

    Unaka Vs. Cosby

    There is a board on CoachT just for you, it's called the Jr. High Board. Try it, I think it'll be right up your ally. No thanks necessary. Enjoy!
  12. TheLastWord

    Hampton Basketball Where Is It Headed?

    Good point. Three good reasons to stay.
  13. TheLastWord

    Hampton Basketball Where Is It Headed?

    You are welcome.
  14. TheLastWord

    Unaka Vs. Cosby

    Let me help you out, 1960 Hampton State Champions, 1974 Happy Vally State Champions, 2004 Unaka State Champions!
  15. TheLastWord

    Unaka Vs. Cosby

    Who knows, you just might get your chance to make it three with Unaka, you never know.