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  1. Coach Bowman has done an excellent job, but to act like Dresden hasn’t had a lot success way before she got there is crazy. Dresden had won multiple District titles and multiple sub-state and state tournament appearances before she was on staff.
  2. The rotary club only gets concessions. Football gets the gate. The QB Club has been great but they don't pay for everything.
  3. Middleton actually lost 2 starters, both wings, Mason and Pledge. They will still be a very tough out in the tournament though.
  4. It really doesn't matter how long it takes as long as they hire the right coach.
  5. You seemed to know a lot about about Middleton and everything that goes on behind the scenes. I'm just wondering how many people does the Middleton gym hold? Was this game a sellout?
  6. West is not pursuing the job.
  7. Dresden played their worst game of the year by far! You should know that comparing scores is crazy. Teams dont always play good every night and it makes scores misleading. Like last year you and every other Greenfield fan got on here and talked had about how bad Dresden was after the first game and then when it matter Dresden beat Greenfield 2 times. Last night Greenfield played much better! But Dresden had the ball down 6 and missed a layup that would have cut to four. So to say it should have been 20 is a little misleading. Against UC, neither team played that good. UC didnt make any shots bout like Dresden last night, there are alot of teams in the region this year that can beat each other on a given night. 14a has most of them.
  8. I like how you put the milage for 13a schools but not 14a. The milage from Dresden High School to McKenzie high school is 13 miles according to mapquest. put milage in for all the 14a schools and all 13a schools and I think you will see that greenfield is closer to most if not every 14a school than dresden is. In some cases a lot closer. Again only part of the facts, but not totally correct on the distance from dresden/greenfield to mckenzie. Im not totally sure on this but I think there are 9 people on tssaa board. Somore than1 person had to vote for the aligment I would think. The only reason for some of these post is to make some people/dresden look bad and that is why are posting some of the some facts and not all of them. Im sure Mr. West and his sons would be glad to know that someone who likes them/friend is on coacht and pretty much dogging mr. west. Im sure it would be appreciated.
  9. No not even close. Just trying not to let a few who seemed to be misinformed run people thru the mud with incorrect information. You obviously have a problem with him and the coaches at dresden so why dont you set up a meeting so that you can discuss your issue or issues face to face with the people its with. Some decisions must not have gone your way since every post of yours has been negative towards dresden. my last post was just stating facts because some try to make others look bad by only using part of the facts. This will be my only and last response to you, I hope youcan get whatever issue you have workout because it is obviously bothering you a lot or all your posts wouldnt be about the same negative thing.
  10. Some of this is funny, if Dresden's principal is so powerful why didnt he just create a district with all the easy teams and put all the good teams in another? The reason is that the districts are based on where the towns are geographically. The single a districts now are the exact same as the were in the early 90s with huntingdon, uc, and humboldt added. As for Dresden's classification, in the 1999 season dresden went 2a in the district with uc, humboldt, trenton, gc, and halls. Dresden struggle for a few years. A couple of years later milan and westview came into the district and in the2003 season dresden finished 2nd behind milan and made the playoffs again in 04. The losing streak occurred during the 07 & 08 seasons when dresden was in the same district. In 2009, the tssaa went from 5 classes in football to 3 classes for all sports in the regular season and 6 classes in the playoffs for football. At this point dresden went to1a in the regular season and 2a in the playoffs. The link you provided does show dresden in 2a but so is milan, westview, etc. those teams are now 2a in regular season and.3a in the playoffs. I thought this might clear this up. If you think it is wrong. Just go and look at the schedules from those years on coacht, im sure they are still up so you can look at them. Ill say it again the hodges are very good coaches! But if dresden was playing in the district with milan, westview, crockett, obion, etc they would be about where they were in the years when they were playing in the district with those teams.
  11. The Hodges are good coaches, but the biggest reason for Dresden's turnaround os that they.went back to single a. Having to beat Gleason, WestCarroll, Bruceton, And the other class a teams is alot easier than Milan, Westview, Humboldt, USJ, etc that they were having to beat each week 3 or 4 years ago. Dresden has always been competitive when on single a.
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