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  1. Galilee

    Memphis BB

    Coach {Phillips is an excellent coach. His attention to detail and game prep is outstanding. If there was no Penny WH would be dominating AAA. But I cant leave out coach Turner. Only been a head coach for 3 years and holding his own. Our talent level this year is not as close as it has been. After moving up to AA he has us 1 win from being back in the glass house. Like WH you better get us this year.
  2. I knew our offense would have problems against WH athletes. I was told that the defense gave them all they wanted. WH depth will wear out most 6A teams. Man they are loaded with a lot of young talent. My Frat DannyQ is correct, you better get them this year.
  3. KWC here I am. Will not make game this year, my first time missing classic while living in Memphis. We must find our offense. Defense will be good but against the Mighty Whitehaven we feel like what the spies said after scouting the promise land o Moses, "The Giants are so big that we are like grasshoppers in their eyes"
  4. M.A. S. E. is loaded with plenty of size. They added a 6-9 transfer who will be a beast in 1A. They have a 6-4 guard looks like he is headed to LSU.
  5. I have known coach White for years and it is still hard for me to believe he was involved in this. Make no mistake if he was then he should be severely punished. If this true all I can say is Ibwas fooled.
  6. Listen this how you handle CA. Work harder and improve your program. Promote your positives and focus on getting players in college. I promise that works.
  7. If Lawsons dont leave this team will be better than last year.
  8. KWC that is the culture. I have been wrong in not turning kids in who transfer. What is crazy is that when a kid moves into our district and plays everybody says Mitchell is recruiting. In my 20 years az an administrator I would never approve of a coach seeking another player to leave and come play for Mitchell. On the other hand many parents moved into our district because of our record of getting kids in college. We have lost kids to other schools because tbey want to play and some because Our coaches are very strict and tbey could not handle the structure and disclipine. I have never and will not ever turn in a kid. That hurts the kid too much.
  9. Remember DJ played at Cordova Middle School..A lot of Memphis top players especially in football parents always get blessed and move to Olive Branch.
  10. I can tell.you from 1st hand experience. Any kid that transfers in Memphis the TSSAA looks into it very extensive. Most kids move to better te situation. Parents have moved into our district becasue of our 98 percent avg. of getting our players in college. I will never fault a parent for that. On the other hand we have lost kids to other schools because they wanted more playing time. Some were not elgible and never turned them.in. That would only hurt that kid. Four of them ended up starting and got a free ride to college..If a kid ia unhappy at Mitchell and want to leave, I wish them luck. Staying hurts the kid and your team
  11. First it was a fan that came on the court. As for too many people on the bench I am.still trying to fivure that ons out..They only give 7 floor passes and the arena staff enforces that rule well..With that said I did write a corrective action plan and gave it to.the principal to.send to t the TSSAA.
  12. I do not know what.Sheffield returns. Mitchell returns a lot of size..Having the twins and Robinson for tbe entire summer is huge. With 4 players standing 6 6 or taller we must now find some.wings. Our JV was pretty loaded and hungry. The.way our season ended the staff and players are ready to.work.
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