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  1. DandDD

    David Crockett at Tennessee High

    Hugh game for the Pioneers. If they can go to Bristol and win I think they'll go 10-0. A loss doesn't destroy the season they've had but It could hurt them against Boone. Good luck Pioneers!
  2. DandDD

    Greeneville vs Elizabethton

    Devils probably win by a couple of TDs. It will be good for them to have to play 4 qrts. They will need that endurance come playoff time.
  3. DandDD

    Farragut vs DB 2018

    No way i'm apologizing for my mountain heritage. As far as the water goes. I guess you better bring your own high dollar bottled water. Good luck the rest of the season.
  4. DandDD

    AC or Greeneville

    Not a big fan of either team. I just love High School Football. I haven't seen AC play this year so don't have an opinion. I have seen Greeneville a couple of times against bigger schools. All I can say is Anderson County had better be a great football team to play with this Greeneville bunch. I've seen a lot of High School football in my time. I've seen several State Champions in Virginia and Tennessee (in several classifications). This Greeneville team is as tough as any I've seen. Well coached, talent all over the field. Gonna take an awesome effort to beat them. Can they be beat? Sure. But I feel like the only team that could beat them in 4A would be themselves (turnovers, mistakes, etc.) They're pretty well coached so I don't see that happening. As far as their strength of schedule all I can say is they can't help that their region is weak (except for Elizabethton) and they have whipped up on three 6A schools in TN and a bigger school in NC. The quality of those teams this year may be down a little but it is what it is.
  5. DandDD

    Farragut vs DB 2018

    Come on Admiral. Do you honestly think that coaches would have intentionally hurting a player in their game plan. I'm not saying the player should not have been ejected (probably should have). I wouldn't doubt that he may have done intentionally, But that doesn't mean the coaches influenced the action that the player took. Coach Christian doesn't roll that way. I'm sorry the QB was injured. No excuse for the hit but don't accuse people of stuff like that. You High Society Turkey Creek people will have to excuse us mountain folk. We just don't know how to act when we go to the big city. Give us a break! Great win for the Admirals. You guys have an excellent football team. Best of luck the rest of the season.
  6. DandDD

    D-B football

    I see that comment from you quite often on here. Do you have someone in mind? If you are talking secondary coaching i'm not sure I've seen many High school teams around here that can play good pass coverage. There might be some teams with good secondary's but it's because they just have some really good athletes (speed, speed, and more speed). As far as defense as a whole there probably are some good coaches around. Don't know that I can name any off the top of my head. If you can pressure most HS quarterbacks you can protect your secondary weaknesses. If not, a good HS quarterback will eat most teams up.
  7. Time to break the losing streak to that bunch in Rogersville. Go Falcons!
  8. DandDD

    D-B football

    Yeah I think a lot of people have always thought that the years when DBs schedule was somewhat weak (when they played a lot of local teams) that it hurt them come playoff time. So hopefully playing this type of schedule helps them prepare for making a little deeper run in the playoff. That's always been part of the discussion "DB goes 10- 0 and loses in the first round every year". Maybe eventually that won't be the case. Several years ago when they were in the Big East conference with some of the big schools down the road they had success. I think they won that conference something like 11 out of 12 years and actually made a couple of deep runs in the playoffs (quarterfinal or semi finals a couple of times). That conference was fairly strong and they would also play at least one good game outside of the conference. Somebody like Oak Ridge. I think it made them better. My hopes are that if they continue playing this type schedule that we will see some deeper runs in the playoffs. Maybe not this year but soon.
  9. DandDD

    D-B football

    I don't think they can beat Alcoa but the other 2 game are possible. Farragut on the road is tough but from what I saw from Farragut last night a win is possible. Bearden in Kingsport is very possible. If things go the Indians way a little then 7-3 is not out of the possibilities.
  10. Good win last night. Great to see us competing with some of these local teams instead of getting blown out every week. GO FALCONS!
  11. DandDD

    D-B football

    I watched the Oak Ridge Farragut game on the web last night. Very good game. After watching OR i'm surprised they beat the Tribe like they did. Neither team looked THAT impressive. Alcoa is another issue. Anyone that can beat Maryville is probably a very good football team. 1 win out of those three games would be pretty good. I think it's looking like a 5-5 or 6-4 type season.
  12. DandDD

    D-B football

    Come on DB Fans, Haters, and just plan curious TN High School football supporters. Coach T would be nothing without a DB thread. Get back on here and start yacking. My Prediction for tonight's game. Tribe rolls on Homecoming night 38- 14 WaCo WHERE ARE YOU? Can't have this thread without at least one legend on it.
  13. Come on Falcon fans. A couple of losses doesn't end the season. Lets see some thoughts on the Sullivan East game tonight. I went to the South game and was impressed with the fan support. Thought the Falcons played fairly well. They played with some enthusiasm. I liked it. I haven't seen that in Church Hill in many years. The Crockett blow out surprised me but from what I've heard from people that's seen Crockett play, they may be a pretty good football team. Don't know much about East this year so my prediction is from the heart Falcons 30 East 28 The Falcons don't kick extra points (at least not in the game I saw) so that's 4 Falcon TDs and three 2 point conversions
  14. DandDD

    Sullivan North vs Sullivan Central

    Good luck at Northview. They put up some big numbers against W Greene tonight.
  15. DandDD

    Greeneville @ DB

    Well I guess if everyone else is going to start predicting scores i'll throw mine in too. Not a huge fan of either one until playoff time (then I pull for all NET teams) so my prediction is strictly impartial and totally a guess Tribe wins the game of the season in NET 24-21 Good luck to both teams. Have great seasons.