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  1. I'm just hoping for another Portland win this week. Good luck to Forrest.
  2. I know the train whistle has disappeared before, but I don't recall exactly when it happened. Sounds like you may know something about that..........
  3. In 2001 TC came to "The Jungle" in Portland only to be welcomed to 3A with a solid 52-12 pounding by the Panthers. I said then, if we meet the Jackets again in the playoffs, it won't be the same. Sure enough, the Panthers ended that season 12-1, losing to TC 17-14 in the Quarterfinals after jumping out to a quick 14-0 lead early in the 1st quarter. Our boys thought it was going to be another easy win, but it ended up being a long night. They beat us in '02 and '03 before we could get a win against them again, but we prevailed on "The Creekbank" in '04, 34-14. We moved up to 4A and then 5A and back to 4A and haven't faced them now for 15 years. Looking forward to seeing this one this year, just for old times sake.
  4. Maybe not, but let's them decide it on the field Friday night.
  5. Congrats goes out to our ladies in purple! The town of Portland is very proud of your accomplishments! Two state championships in a row! That's AWESOME!!!!
  6. Yeah, the T hasn't been the same without Twan.
  7. I'm just glad my Panthers are 2 - 0. It's been a while!
  8. You and me both, my friend. It's time for the Panthers to start winning consistently again. Oh, I remember those winning days well.
  9. Final score: Red Bank - 27 Smith Co. - 8 Great season Owls! Keep your heads up. Twan would have been proud of you guys this season!
  10. Halftime ; Red Bank - 17 Smith Co. - 0 The Owls seem to be moving the ball well, but can't get it into the end zone.
  11. Smith County beat Upperman by 21 and Loudon beat them by 15. Scores of common opponents usually don't mean much, however, playing at "The Hole" is a difference maker. This will be a great game, I'm sure.
  12. Final: LA 24, MC 14 LA will host Nolensville next week. MC will host Spring Hill next week.
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