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  1. Wait and see if history does not prove me right. Waco. I've said something that none of you want to hear in Kingsport. You just don't have the talent to compete with competition you play as a huge high school. It's consistently been that way. You do recall people saying "one and done", right? That was back when you didn't have to play other schools at your enrollment level. Now you lose half or more of your games and are lucky to make the playoffs. Sorry you think I'm dumb. Deep down, you all know it. You can feel it. Maybe you should try supporting coaches and ADs that are really good.
  2. Sometimes, when I hear 'fans' complaining about coaching, I wonder is it possible, could it possibly be, not that you will accept it, that your kids just aren't as talented as their competition?? (*Hint - they're not) I personally don't think Dobyns Bennett will EVER be better than a .500 team again, because they are now playing schools of their own size. Talent in Kingsport will not be better than talent in Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Maryville, etc. I'm afraid you're destined for perpetual mediocrity. But keep blaming the coaches. You don't know what you have in the AD and HC there. Put your HC at North or South, and both those programs improve dramatically. The AD would be a huge upgrade for South. Personally, I'd like to see HC JC at the new Sullivan County school, because there isn't a single coach in the Sullivan County school system now that needs to continue coaching at the new school. The guy deserves 6 figures. Chew on dat, Indian "Faithful".
  3. Wow. Just seeing this. Saw Greenway play many times. So sad to hear this. I didn't know him but prayers for his family, friends, and Greeneville community.
  4. I'm not going back and reading all this thread. Simple answer is Greeneville would beat Alcoa by at least 14. Accept it. It's fact gents.
  5. Thread asked for top two players from each team. We aren't comparing players from different schools. Ballard has worked extremely hard, its obvious. He deserves his appointment to West Point. All NET is happy for him and all kids who get to go to college free. But in regards to passing yards / qb play, he has benefited from a ton of quality players around him. Not the kind of athlete Cobb at Alcoa, Phillips from South, or even Ferguson at DB was. He's like a little Frasier (former qb at Nebraska). But a lot of the passing yards are quick hits to Goddard and others. Goddard and others athleticism and speed, along with good team blocking accounts for a lot of the stats. I've seen them many times. Thus, I don't consider Ballard top two on the Devils' squad. He will change positions in college and run a lot of special teams and can do well. I do congratulate the young man. He's a very good high school qb. So yes, Goddard and Youngblood are the top two Greene Devil's. Both have a high ceiling. Lol
  6. Northeast Tennessee Goddard - Greeneville Youngblood - Greeneville Everett - Elizabethton Russell - Elizabethton Watterson - Sullivan South Necessary - Sullivan South - JR Williams - Sullivan South
  7. Splitting hairs, my friend. It's obvious to all what Coach Clark meant. The FACT that he was jogging to try to "talk to" the referees after the game, may color that for ya a bit. He thought the call was wrong, and that they were wronged, and the fact is, Clark is wrong. No Mayberry jokes this week.
  8. Clark is already blaming this on the refs in the Kingsport paper. Wow, how low can you go? Quoting the K T-N: “I don’t know when I’ve ever been more heartbroken for a bunch of kids that played their hearts out,” said an emotional Graham Clark, D-B’s coach. “Our kids deserved to win that football game. We break up a pass on fourth down. They got one taken from them they deserved to win.” and: “We had two red-zone failures, got just three points out of those,” Clark said. “Did we need to make one or two more plays to win? Yes. Did we need to make one more first down? Yes. Then to get that penalty called, our kids didn’t deserve that.” I was at the game, sitting on the home side, on the baseball field end, with an excellent view of Clark's penalty that he is busting on. The DB kid had wrapped the Alcoa receiver with his offside arm and took him down to the turf. He was beat and got caught. Coach Clark needs to stop playing his little blame game, issue an apology and consider stepping down. He can take that "Winningest Program in Tennessee" home with him too. Wow, poor character.
  9. I'm jumping on that bandwagon, and going with 50 something to 20 something.
  10. Guys, I didn't even see the play. I'm just helping you out on the rule. MOST people do not know what constitutes OPI and DPI, as displayed here. Most people's information is outdated, just like DeeJay's. Last year, DeeJay would have been correct. This year he's incorrect. Heck most people still think DPI is an automatic first down and OPI is loss of down. ...uh, no. Wouldn't you like to know the real rule, so you all can at least argue it ...correctly? (BTW, there's no friggin' "tackle box" for the high school QB to get out, to allow him to throw the ball away. It's called Intentional Grounding. Just another rule that most people yell and scream about, and haven't a clue.)
  11. Well, DeeJay is wrong. Face Guarding is allowed in high school now (again, rule change this season fellas), so evidently contact must have been made for the pass interference call.
  12. Wrong .... face guarding without contact is NOT a penalty this year. Rule change this season. Need to get a new rulebook like I did. The high school rule follows closely to the college rule.
  13. Greeneville by 10. Hey MoWest, here's the most obvious hint of the season so far: put a spy on Ballard and hit him every play possible.
  14. This is the actual score. Waco has seen the future.
  15. Dobyns-Bennett will be 4-6 in 2017, with wins against Sevier County, Bearden, Hardin Valley, and Jefferson County. Maryville will become the all-time winningest program in Tennessee (playing real schedules to boot, over the last few decades). 409 Mayberry jokes will be told by Coach Clarke in 2017, as he deflects real issues.
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