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  1. wpasi

    Style vs. Substance

    Oakland was good at the start of the season the were GREAT at the end! That's a credit to the coaches and to the players I'm pretty sure if they had ran pro set, spread, veer or wing t the result would have been the same. As Al Davis said just win baby!
  2. My first game to see in murvill was a Knox Central @ Murvill playoff game, It was awesome.
  3. I am too here in Kingston, It don't look that heavy duty to me I think I'll pass on it
  4. wpasi

    6A Championship Oakland v. Whitehaven

    Oakland defense is impressive! White haven offence not so much.
  5. wpasi

    Cland welcomes the jackets

    The bleachers was condemed
  6. wpasi

    Cland welcomes the jackets

    I'm pretty sure early 2000s the year before they became a county school
  7. wpasi

    Cland welcomes the jackets

    No the Harriman field was not playable the tssaa made them play every game on the road. No gate or concessions most teams let them keep the gate but I remember Alcoa did not. Rockwood let them play their home coming game and I think maybe their senior game at Rockwood.
  8. wpasi

    Cland welcomes the jackets

    By the way i don't like coalfield never have
  9. wpasi

    Cland welcomes the jackets

    I know a lot of people won't agree but if a home field is not playable it should be moved to the visitors field. Harriman had to do it several years ago they lost a ton of money but the problem was fixed the next year. Can you imagine Harriman having to play their home coming game at Rockwood? It happened
  10. wpasi

    Old CoachT Posters. Where are they now?

    Yes and always ended with we ready.
  11. wpasi

    Old CoachT Posters. Where are they now?

    Remember Biggamer from Harriman? That cat was funny
  12. wpasi

    Cland takes on SOR

    Pulling for the South Kingston boys I mean SOR
  13. wpasi

    Old CoachT Posters. Where are they now?

    Opie was a Clinton fan and a Oakridge hater
  14. wpasi

    Round 1: Oneida hosts Happy Valley

    Good luck to the Indians tonight and the rest of region 2.