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  1. appreciate you adding me as a friend on CoachT

  2. yes, i know, i played and was there that day and played without being subed once... i was dissapointed that my teamates decided not to come, we has 10 players and had 2 sisters show up.. the 12 of us played our best game although i felt as though id let my team down... i was the poor girl stuck in goalie position for 75% of the game... but i don't blame our goalie who couldn't be there and had no choice... but us 12 played our hardest and i think did well against one of our hardest teams to beat, a team , i might add, that had about 25 players but i dunno... i plan to play next year and for the next 3 years and give it my best effort. thank yall do much for your feed back
  3. our defense works hard the entire game... they get subbed in and out cause they get sooo tired from running with ppl keeping them from the ball... and all of our defense and mid-fielders mark a player everygame thats its nessesary and the other team always gets someone open even though everyone has a mark... it makes no sense..
  4. I think Staci Ray of Lawrence County did AMAZING against Tullahoma... they scored 6 times in the game but had more than what seemed like 50 SOG saved by her... we've played many great goalies... i must say i don't no how good the goalie at Franklin is since we only had 2 SOG
  5. Is there anything you think Lawrence County can improve on? I know many teams have played us, we play Wayne Co. tonight and Shelbyville Saturday. If you have any comments conserning this team, please tell them to me, I'd appreciate it.
  6. Colby Gieske is awesome! So is Brooke Franklin... they've also gotten 2 new players this year that are really good, Megan Johnstone and Lauren Hudgins
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