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  1. tngator

    Maryville vs. Alcoa

    It's going to be yet another war. In reference to the "you ought to never lose to a 2A team" slant, growing up we never heard that one because I was 16 the first time I ever saw MHS lose to Alcoa. Alcoa has had some very good teams and I am still friends with a lot of them, but the vast majority of the games have been very tight because the players have typically been evenly matched. The size of the school has little to do with the size and speed of the players.
  2. tngator

    Lipscomb vs. Alcoa

    Congrats and props going out to Alcoa! Way to represent the county, now help us bring back a couple of gold balls! thumb
  3. tngator

    Rebels vs. Vikings

    I was watching their special teams warm up and it was immediately evident that they couldn't punt the ball more than 35 yards without a roll and kicking a field goal would be out of the question. THS does have some good players and they almost hurt us in the 2nd quarter with the misdirection trap and draw; however, we corrected quickly.
  4. tngator

    white house loses to Melrose

    it tends to happen when you've lost less than what? 3 games in 4 or 5 years? MHS is the Larry Hagman of Tn football teams and that is just fine. There is only one more spot on the little white board next to the scoreboard and hopefully we will be ordering a new one after this season thumb Just keep in mind that it isn't bragging if you back it up. Seriously, Melrose could give us a run for our money due to the type of offense they run (we have more problems with wide open attacks).
  5. tngator

    Rebels vs. Vikings

    I thought exactly the opposite after watching pregame. I was worried coming in because I knew zero about THS, but watching the pregame made me feel much better.
  6. tngator

    white house loses to Melrose

    Maryville 31 Melrose 17
  7. tngator

    Maryville and Melrose

    Let it begin........and go Red Rebels! thumb
  8. tngator

    Rebels vs. Vikings

    How fast are the linemen for THS? If they are running a wing-T effectively, they must be able to fly on the pull.
  9. tngator

    Alcoa's wooping is coming

    I think it will be a much better game than last year's. I agree: Alcoa was young last year and has done a lot of growing this year.
  10. tngator

    Rebels vs. Vikings

    @ 20 minutes South of Knoxville
  11. tngator

    Rebels vs. Vikings

    now don't forget about Cade's big 50 yard run tonight Seriously, Cade is a great pure passer. He can feel the rush, knows where his receivers are and doesn't force a lot of mistakes. His biggest asset outside of experience is he is a thinking QB.
  12. tngator

    It's over

    I agree, but the last couple of seasons and tonight especially, when we got the ball back with 79 yards to go for the win....I just had that feeling that everything was going to be OK.
  13. tngator

    It's over

    That was a very good game.....now time to turn the sites to TN High
  14. tngator

    Rebels vs. Vikings

    Maryville has a balanced attack for the most part. Like tonight, 184 rushing and 180 passing. We basically take what the defense gives us and then exploit the living crap out of it.
  15. tngator

    Rebels vs. Vikings

    Maryville and Central traded punches all night. Maryville was down 24-21 with @ 3.5 minutes left in the game and then drove 79 yards for the go ahead score (28-21). There were only @ 44 seconds left in the game and Central got the ball back deep in their own territory. On the second play, Maryville's Stephen Childs int'ed a Zach Helton pass and returned it to ice the game. It was a very good game. I'll admit that I am kind of ignorant when it comes to Tennessee High --> what type of offense and defense do you guys play? Who should we watch? Have fun coming down and I'll def see you there. Roll Red Roll!!!