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  1. Was wanting to know the schedule of Jamboree's in the area this Friday...where and the teams participating...thanx
  2. Yeah just saying im sure this is happening all over the state. BTW I just read the JC- Crange thread they have already been talking about this. Didnt mean nothing bad towards H2O but it should be held at a neutral site.
  3. The question I have is .....why is a school hosting a Region Tourn. at their school ?? I know every other year JC - CLAY- PICKETT ETC ETC play at a neutral site when the Region starts...Livingston Academy. And they also play at LA during the District Tourn. as well. Big advantage and also the refs should be from a different Region. Just asking !!! Looks like Lebanon or a school down that way could host this tourney every other year ???
  4. Good one Glover. Postman as well everyone in the area knows what kind of program SC has had thru the yrs. He about like everyone else just trying to get a rise from you guys. Which is what makes this site fun. The bickering from yr to yr has been funny as .... looking forward to football already. Jimmy Maynord has raised the bar even higher during his tenure. imallin said it best though...SC football has gone about as high as it can go with their on kids. In order to take it to the next level combining with Gordonsville or going private is about the only option. And who wants that...Gordonsville and SC is the best game in town and has been for many moons. The Private issue is worse .....I know I wouldnt want to win watching kids from all over the state coming here. SC has one of the best programs in the state bar none.for their size. Who knows someday a kid may come along a once and a lifetime player like Cates was at LA and will win the big one for u guys. I know I have watched some dandy games at SC thru the yrs. The 04 game against Fulton will always stand out to me. The Owls was in it till the end of the 3rd and a incomplete pass at the goal line on 4th down took the wind out of their sails. Just hope that you all can find a good fit for your kids. Postman good luck to your Eagles they had a pretty good yr just didnt have the Athletes to compete ( just like everyone else in the area) when you got deep into the bracket. Still like Steve Robbins to direct the Owls until you guys can get you a homey like the RB that played for SC that coaches at Alcoa Hackett or Tackett cant rem his name. He is learning from one of the best in Rankin.
  5. Agree big man...how you doing. Great point !! In order to go to the next level it would require an open zone for Smith Co. Or going private. I really do believe it will take some pretty darn good coaches, ones that would commit the time and effort like Jimmy and his staff have done while at SC. Wish Jimmy the best at Cookeville and wish the Owls good luck in finding that right person to carry on one of the best programs in the state.
  6. Hey Scoot whats up. Yeah I'm hanging in there for an old man. As for LA, I believe they will have a good team in a yr or 2. They lost just about their whole OL. McCoin and Hayes are gone off to the next level as will big Linder on the DL. Ronnie's lil brother will be a bright spot for the Cats the next 3 yrs as a RB. I just hope that the Cats don't get 1 dimensional and depend on Linder to carry the load. We have a great REC. in Hollars that was a freshman this past yr. If the Cats can get the ball to him it will ease the load a lot. I wish you all the best in your coaching search.
  7. Hey Twan...ok thanks . I talked to Steve back earlier in the year at White Co./ Smith Co. game. He told me then that if Jimmy ever did step down that he would consider the job. Either way you Smith Co. ppl are getting LA's best seems like. Steve is a great person and will give you all his best. Good luck on the search for a coach.
  8. I believe if my memory serves me right, that Steve was on the staff at Boyd when the Owls went down to Boyd in the play-offs for a couple yrs. Believe the Owls split with Boyd but could be wrong. Owls might have won 2 out of the 3 times they played Boyd ? Either way Owls fans know what kind of team Boyd had during those yrs.
  9. Very true nut...but I believe you can search high and low and you want find many coaches that has his credentials, especially the ones that are just beginning to look for their 1st head coaching job.
  10. What about Steve Robbins the recently hired principal at Smith Co. He was an LA guy back in the 90's when LA knocked on the door of a state title. Steve left Livingston and went to GA. and coached their several yrs before landing at Boyd Buch. HS where he coached LB'S and was Defensive Cord. several yrs. I believe Boyd might have won a state title during Steve's tenure there not sure though. IMO Steve would be the right choice since he is already in the system and his experience. He also coaches Baseball and played at Cumberland out of HS. A fine person with great christian morals. Steve would not only be a great coach for the Owls but his influence on the kids would be priceless. Sign up for the job "Policy Holder".
  11. My prayers go out to his family, may the Lord give them strength and comfort. A great man, a great coach, a great person and great friend. Lee will be missed. RIP Lee..... a long time friend.
  12. LA loses several not sure how many. Yes #2 and #8 have signed with Tennessee Tech is what I have heard. #67 DE Linder Tech may sign him as well not sure though. There are a few others that could ink somewhere else but not sure if thats what they want to do.Tadvols good luck to Fulton ....hope you all bring the Gold Ball back east.
  13. Agree with that zst but you can't help who is in your district. I know LA probably wouldn't have won that Gold Ball in 05 if they hadn't played in the Region with AE-Fulton-Catholic and the others. It prepared them for the play-offs. And they knew what to expect by playing those teams all year. On the other hand like you said LA didn't play a strong schedule with the exception of White House- Dekalb and Smith Co. And then having to face a Fulton was just to much for the Cats. Even though LA had their chances to make a game of it and possibly win if it hadn't been for the turnovers. But Fulton wasn't gonna let Brock beat them like he has everyone else this year. They kept him in check the whole game.
  14. Congrats to the LA Wildcats on a great year. Fulton just proved to be the best team last night. They kept Brock bottled up and that was the biggest difference in the game to me. This wasn't one of the better teams that the Falcons have fielded in past years. The Cats had chances to make a game of it but turned it over several times. You can't turn it over against a team like Fulton because they will make you pay. Good luck Fulton on a well played game and continued success in the play-offs.
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