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  1. How is the tournament going? Update from tonight's game?
  2. Who is next in line then? Masingale the DC? He is McMinn County boy. Would be a good fit if he wanted it.
  3. Congrats to Coach Nelson on the new gig. The Nelson's did a good job pulling Sullivan East together but will they succeed without each other?
  4. Didn't Tellico already hire Trevor Hunt as the new head coach?
  5. Did Dustin Lidnsey get his grades straight, and become eligible? Just wondering whatever happened to him??
  6. When did Rodriguez leave West Virginia? He is still there on the school site.
  7. If they make it past Howard, they can go 10-0, they have Sweetwater after they face Alcoa so they will be beaten up and then Sequoyah should be an easy win.
  8. Catholic could put 80 on Seqouyah. no contest. Smith gets no more than 10 touches and scores on 2-3 of those.
  9. He wasn't forced, he was asked and he accepted the position. Coach Kelley left the program 4 years ago because of other reasons. He is a hometown boy who takes pride in hometown. The previous coach (Glen Puryear) replaced Coach Kelley, who in turn replaces him. This isn't about a coach though, this about a bunch of kids who have had a rough offseason and they can either use this an excuse to be terrible (all of the changes) or they can play the hand they have been dealt and become better men.
  10. Job filled. The Old Coach is the New Coach, I guess you could say. Gordon Kelley is the New Head Coach at Tellico Plains, which was done today.
  11. Mr. Schlafer now works in the Central Office. Coach Estep has taken the running backs and recruiting coordinator job at Carson Newman. You can't blame him for going, its a step up.
  12. What will happen next for them? They don't have a principal either, as the position has not been filled.
  13. Good luck to the Silverdale program. I don't have an opinioin on the hire, but the school has a lot of potential.
  14. It's funny how every daddy's son is a college prospect, when the watch TV they think their kid is just as good as any of them, when they aren't. Those guuys on TV dominated games in HS, they ran the ball for 200 yards a game made 15 tackles and then played the special teams as well. It takes legit speed to play at the college level, thats not just for the backs, lineman have to be fast and strong. For example, Simeon Rice of the Tampa Bay Bucs, probably runs a legit 4.5 or faster as a DL, the school I am at don't have a RB that can get close to that. But you got to love the dreamers.
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