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  1. Congratulations for what you have meant to our community and school system. Your friend Clint
  2. B C Alcoa has played for 20 state championships.
  3. Prayers for Eddie, a very good man and coach.
  4. We have been to the finals 19 times before this year. Brentwood Academy beat us in 1988 and CPA beat us in 2014 and we've won the rest. Since 2004 either AHS or the team that beat us has won the championship- not too shabby.
  5. Carroll was defensive MVP in last year's championship game against Covington.
  6. Knoxville YMCA had a wrestling team. Ed started the first high school team. I officiated for Ed in a building across the highway from the present school.
  7. I have been around since 1969. This 2018 team was very good, but you really can't compare teams of different eras.
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