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  1. Oakland should win, there's no denying that. But you're right, if the CAVS were to win this will have to be the year. Senior QB with experience. Senior TB with 1,400 yards. Senior WR with 900 yards. Veteran senior laden defense. This was a 1 TD game in the 4th quarter in Cookeville. Not sure we can pull it off but we'll give it a heck of a shot.
  2. nowlisten... If you're gonna make it to "Cookeville" you need to learn to spell "Cookeville". Geeze...Haha
  3. Hahahaha Y'all still in it? Glad you're over here looking at the big boy threads.
  4. So..The Cavs are right where we're supposed to be. Why are so many people surprised? That 56-17 beat down last Friday confirms we were the 2nd best team in 3-6A this season. Big jump from #2 to #1 though. Can we beat Oakland? Who knows. We'll have to play perfect. Even that may not be enough. But we'll head to the 'Boro and they'll know we've been there when we leave Friday night.
  5. We did haha! Hey good luck to the Firebirds. Love to see y'all in Cookeville in 3 weeks.
  6. David Gist for Cookeville ran for 253 yards and 5 touchdowns. Held Savion Davis to about 60 yards I think.
  7. Well you're 0-2 in your prognostications between this game and Cookeville vs Riverdale
  8. Boom! Cookeville 56 Riverdale 17 Final Didn't give this lead up!
  9. Cookeville 42 Riverdale 17 6 mins left in the 3rd
  10. LOD hopefully this move to Tech will help with the injuries. I just saw in the paper today where the game will be moved and I'm not surprised. Cookeville's field has been terrible for years. Was built bad in 1996 but obviously has deteriorated in 20 years. Coach Maynord is working hard to bring turf in but has no help from the school board. Won't do it for Cookeville without doing it for Upperman & Monterey. And both of their fields are in great shape. But anyway, looking forward to Friday and hope it's injury free.
  11. Super 32 didn't change too much to be honest. The same teams will end up in the quarters, semis and the championship. Just got to play different teams in the first round this year. Granted, I like this new scenario. But the best two teams will still end up in Cookeville early December.
  12. Once a team gets over 85-90 it's nothing more than window dressing. You can put pads on em but most of those extra guys will never see the field. Congrats to Lebanon on a great season and making the playoffs. Coach Gentry has y'all headed in the right direction and I'm happy for ya.
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