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  1. Can I get links to these articles? I've read several but haven't seen any quotes like this. Thanks
  2. CoachT would be a lot better off if it was as carefully monitored for trolling as it was for cursing.
  3. Catholic 2 West 0 (from http://twitter.com/prepxtra)
  4. Catholic hasn't been mighty since Pemberton left.
  5. euler

    Rankings Week 5

    You don't need software. The RPI (for NCAA basketball anyway) for a team is 0.25 * the team's winning percentage + 0.5 * the team's opponents' winning percentage + 0.25 * the team's opponents' opponents' winning percentage. This is basic math. It's just a question of whether or not you have enough time to put it together. I certainly don't. That said, I'm not sure how accurate the RPI really is. For instance, it doesn't account for margin of victory.
  6. euler


    Webb 12, Catholic 0, End of 1.
  7. I solved your problem. Keep it up, guys. This is very entertaining. One side gives a perfect example of how not to debate (strawman arguments and ad hominems galore) while the other side shows how stubborn humans can be by refusing to recognize that debating with idiots is pointless. I'll leave it up to you all to decide which side is which.
  8. Not according to the dictionary: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/parochial+school?jss=0 (See also http://www.thefreedictionary.com/parochial+school and http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=parochial%20school Yes, one of the definitions does say "especially Catholic day schools", but the general definition is a Christian school, as the other dictionaries back up. Just because no one you know would call them parochial schools doesn't change the fact that that is what they are, by definition. I really wish you would have double checked before posting. Even if you "know" you're right, it's always worth double-checking. It's something I'm always careful to do before I post, because I don't like being wrong. Normally I don't bother to cite things that only take 15 seconds to look up, but apparently it's necessary here. As far as parochial schools being a subset of private schools, I'm not sure what the confusion is. It's a pretty simple statement; parochial schools are a type of private school. This is also by definition. I'm continually astonished by posters' ability to turn anything into a controversy. This isn't a matter of opinion; this is matter of dictionary definitions. You may not like the definitions, but they are what they are.
  9. It sounds to me like you have a specific case in mind. Regardless, unless the rules have changed, the athlete should be ineligible for a year. I had a friend who transferred to a private school for her senior year, and she was unable to play her sport because she had played it at the public school the previous year. She was, however, eligible for sports in which she hadn't participated in the previous year.
  10. Coming back from 12 down with a late game touchdown and winning the second half 21-6 has to be encouraging for Catholic, but they can't have another half like last night's first half again. If they do, this team's in trouble.
  11. David Lipscomb and Goodpasture are both Christian schools (you can verify this easily by visiting their websites). The posters claiming that they aren't private schools are probably saying so with the mindset that they are parochial schools (which I consider a subset of private schools, making this correction rather picky). In any event, they are definitely NOT public schools. Hope this helps. I don't post often, but I enjoy reading yours. They are generally well though out, which is a rarity on internet message boards.
  12. Wish CAK was playing Pigeon Forge next instead of Alcoa. One of my favorite soccer traditions is listening to the Pigeon Forge coach whine about having his season ended by a private school. I believe it's happened 5 years in a row. Oh well.
  13. Semifinal score: Bearden 1, Catholic 0.
  14. I have to disagree with it being a close game. I give Bearden with a 3 or more lead over them I'm curious as to what made you think the game would be a blow-out, given that in the regular season they played to a 0-0 tie. In any event, Bearden won, 1 - 0. Their goal came in the first 5 minutes and they had chances throughout the entire game. Catholic had plenty of chances as well, at least for the first hour. Then they seemed to tire down and Bearden backed off a bit also. Disappointed by Catholic's lack of composure at the end of the game. I believe they received 3 yellow cards for arguing with the referee. Certainly there were poor calls made toward the end of the game, but the players should know by now that arguing won't help matters. All in all, I think Catholic had a good season. They've shown they can compete in AAA, but certainly it's not going to be as easy as A/AA.
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