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  1. Not sure about that question. They really seem to have improved their athletics in the last 3-4 years. Could be coaching. But it DOES take some talent. Being on the Memphis border gives them access to lots of potential student athletes.
  2. You gotta stand with your team, win or lose. I really don't think it started with Creasy's exit.
  3. The question for me is do the TC fans leave if they are losing in the 4th quarter?
  4. Northpoint (formerly SBEC) is in Southaven, Mississippi. But they once were just over the line in TN. TSSAA let them stay when they moved to their new campus.
  5. Until MJCA has sustained success, these wins are all upsets. There is no history of winning. That's kinda the definition of an upset. The first year you are competitive, your wins against legitimate contenders are upsets. I know you want to get past that, but it takes a few years with good coaching and talented players. And while your baseball & basketball have seemingly turned a corner in recent years, football is only now winning with any consistency. FC went through this 35 years ago when Bryson came over from Castle Heights Military Academy. McNeal struggled to get that program where it consistently made the playoffs. And now it's a given almost every year. The difference is the commitment to the program. Weights, off season, etc. It just doesn't happen overnight. And face it, MJCA has not really demonstrated they were serious until the past season or two. This was the best version of them I've seen in my many, many years of watching. But it still wasn't close. Hylick is legit. But he doesn't have anything around him. Put him in FC's backfield and he rushes for 2,000 easy and the trophy is his, along with the gold ball. Give this program some time and these wins will not be upsets anymore. Patience.
  6. Did the TSSAA do this or lose sponsorship to have both?
  7. This has been a confusing season. If you try to compare wins and losses, you have no idea how this will go. I give the edge to FC based on what we've seen from them. But you never know. I guess that's what makes it fun.
  8. This was the best showing for TKA in the years I've been watching them against FC. Solid running back who could take over a game with a little more consistent push up front from the line. Bright future if they stay on this trajectory.
  9. I've watched him for 4 seasons now. I've never seen him as serious about it as he is now. I know he was hampered with injury. He's pulling a Steve McNair this year, though - playing through injury.
  10. Here's the problem with the money - "Technically" financial aid cannot be for students' athletic abilities but must be need based. Now, I know schools get around/break those rules. But if you are trying to be "law abiding citizens" you can't use your money to subsidize athlete's tuition, UNLESS they demonstrate financial need (however that's defined).
  11. There was a coach there to see him at Goodpasture the night he hurt his elbow. I hope he saw enough to make a good evaluation. Of course, there's tons of film available. He's a talented young man. He is running like he's on a mission after missing most of last year with injury. When he went down at GP he sent a message to the team to apologize and promise to be back.
  12. FC still has some proving to do. But they have shown now against two good opponents (DCA and Trousdale Co.) that they are improved from last year. The QB play is much better. Nothing against #12, but #2 has shown he is the better option. Glad the decision to go with him was finally made. He made a few very nice passes. I'm sure we have, but I can't recall the last TD pass we had made before last night. #3 showed a lot of class overcoming his 2 early fumbles and not giving up. He showed a lot of grit coming back from what looked like 3-4 weeks to be out. Ball security was much improved in the 2nd half with all ball carriers obviously listening to coaches tell them to wrap it up (2 arms on the ball). This was a tale of two halves. It reminds you that the game is 4 quarters long, not just 2. They didn't let their early mistakes get them down. Very fun game to watch, especially after half-time.
  13. FC is still finding their rhythm in the passing game. It's a little better than last year. But not significantly. Losing #3 was demoralizing after losing him most of last season with a different injury. He will be back and we have good depth at his position. It's just not close as to who the best back is. He is lightning if he can find a crease. DCA will be the test in this Division. Looking forward to it.
  14. FC has not been a passing team in quite a while (maybe since Swindoll). It's not unusual to throw less than 5 passes in a game. They still have the 2 headed monster at QB (3 if you include #8 in Wildcat formation). Barring injury, that may not change this year. No clear difference in the 2 guys. I do think they have looked better in the passing game I've seen this year. And there is more talent at the receiver position. It may have just come down to what worked and what didn't last Friday. McNeal is the master of adapting the talent he has to the situation. side note - it showed a lot of class to take a knee on a bitter rival like TC. It could have been much worse. Hopefully these two teams won't get tired of playing each other for a while now.
  15. The Commanders are looking forward to a trip to Jackson. This season has been disappointing in some ways. But encouraging watching kids try to compensate for the lack of depth in some positions, and enjoying depth in other areas. It seems like this 2/3 headed quarterback system is finally finding some rhythm. Who knows what happens Friday night? I know our seniors are looking forward to giving it everything they have before they hang up their cleats. I won't count them out. And McNeal has always been the master of using the talent he has on the team. We'll see if it will be enough. It does make you proud to see the boys stick with it like they have. Very proud to be a Commander.
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