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  1. Coach Brooks, With all due respect, while I have agreed with you many times over the past few years, there seem to be some big changes going on at the CPA campus in regards to sports, and their importance, under this newer administration. For the better in my opinion. While, I don't believe football ever really recruited, they no longer appear to be bringing in BB players either. They are also doing a really good job at teaching the kids about things that really matter in life, in regards to their mission, and none of those lessons have anything to do with a ball. Or winning a game. Here's the latest: http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/12/health/students-teacher-cancer-sing-trnd/
  2. Why is Drew Maddux being considered for the Vanderbilt job, as someone who can land good recruits, if he never recruited at CPA? Is Drew Maddux a consideration? Maddux, a former All-SEC star player at Vanderbilt, is an exceptional coach at Christ Presbyterian Academy, and he’s produced some standout players. But would Vanderbilt consider looking at a high school coach, even if he’s a fan favorite and a former player? Athletics Director David Williams said Vanderbilt wants someone with head coaching experience, but not necessarily "isolated to college experience." The more likely scenario might be that Wade is hired as head coach, and he pegs Maddux as an assistant who can land prime recruits. http://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/college/vanderbilt/2016/03/28/5-questions-vanderbilt-coach-search/82341934/
  3. There has never been enough proof for the TSSAA to do anything, but anyone who follows this team knows it's different this year. There’s a stark contrast between the 2015-16 Christ Presbyterian Academy boys basketball team and those that recently preceded it. Gone are Jalen Lindsey, Braxton (Blackwell) Key, Craig Bradshaw, Braxton Bonds and Tyger Campbell. With them went a nightly highlight reel and the buzz of some of the top Division I programs in the country checking out potential recruits. What hasn’t left the CPA program, however, is success. http://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/2016/02/11/cpa-boys-lose-stars-but-win-teamwork-3-pointers/80216530/ BTW, what's up with the questions about the Goodpasture connections? Because they recruit? Where do you think Drew learned it? Too bad for him, it came back to bite him. Bu
  4. It has certainly been refreshing to have a real school team in CPA uniforms this year. I would have loved to have seen them go farther, but if this trend continues, and they once again have more upperclassmen playing, I believe they will in the future. Even RBA the former headmaster commented on a recent instagram photo "I've never enjoyed watching a team, or a player, as much as *%$&, and his 2015-16 Lions. And remember: I've seen 'em ALL!" Kind of makes you go, hmmmm...
  5. rulefollower


    Congrats CPA and Coach M. I've been saying for years, that you don't need all those AAU recruits, especially the D1 (JuCo) recruits! So happy to see you winning according to the school's mission!
  6. When was Cascade ranked 5th in state? The year CPA was 1st?
  7. I agree. Would have preferred they come clean, and acknowledged that they did wrong years ago, before so much damage was done to the school's reputation. Let's hope going forward they will continue to do the right thing. Then maybe they will have more upperclassmen playing in the future as well. It's been obvious for years, that there are enough talented athletes at CPA to field a decent basketball team. Even without the red-shirting and graduating 19 year olds...
  8. Care to elaborate on "getting burned by the dark side of AAU may have caused the sudden change of heart"?
  9. We can see for ourselves that you CANNOT quote him saying what you claim he says. The numbers of wins/losses so far this season speak for themselves, and have nothing to do with anything anyone says. It's the first year since Jaylen Lindsey was in 8th grade, that Maddux hasn't had any star recruits. As I've said before, I'm glad they are a school team, and not an AAU team, in CPA uniforms. I'd love to know why all of a sudden things changed. The basketball crowd at CPA seems to be having a hard time with losing. I mean learning...
  10. Looks like they are losing as many games as they are winning this year. Had almost as many losses already, compared to whole past seasons when Maddux' had his D-1 recruits playing...
  11. The tendency is to only tweet the wins. Though while losing at their own tournament, there was this from Maddux: We're either winning or learning. It's not winning or losing, it's winning or learning. – John Calipari
  12. Honestly, what do you want me to say? Drew's been there 10 years, recruited for 9 of them. All those D-1 dreams he built. For what? To all of a sudden decide to play by the rules? There has to be a reason. btw, why are you still hanging around? You've made your last post here haven't you? Don't you have a juco team to follow now?
  13. Looks like CPA is still playing the same type of "game" this year, just on the other side of the scoreboard.
  14. I am very happy to see that they are a school team, and not an AAU or recruited team this year. Not sure why it's changed up, whether Maddux knew he was about to get busted, the administration made him stop recruiting, or the parents who housed prior superstars, or paid their tuition, realized their own kids could play more, if they stopped doing that. Whatever the reason, they now appear to play with the same standards the rest of the athletic teams at CPA do. As it should be, and always should have been. And they still win. Imagine that...
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