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  1. Be nice if it happens, Just need to keep the yellow paint out of someone's hands if it does.
  2. Not sure where he will land but I've been told lots of issues follow and not exactly with the kid himself which is unfortunate but I hope for only the best for this young man and will be a big supporter where ever he lands.
  3. Talked to a man today that told me he had saw preliminary drawings of a new athletic indoor field house to be built on the present practice field at the high school for football and other sports use. Curious if anyone else has heard about this because I sure hadn't until this morning.
  4. Got three more days to renew your Season Football Tickets.
  5. That's called Karma for letting that Lucifer get away with painting the football field with yellow paint.
  6. That's the actual measurements from Google Earth. I have nothing against HVA and hope them well but not a great place to watch a football game at. I am glad they have a decent field to play on now versus the grass field that looked like cattle had ate it up.
  7. When they built this place they didn't take enough land for growth and now have painted themselves into a corner. My guess is most of their potential football prospects are attending some of the nearby private schools just as Karns leaving them with only the scraps. My nephew played for GCA 8 years ago and they lived in Karns and most of the kids that played for GCA did also. This is a mess and the only thing I know any worse is the problem running Maryville High.
  8. Glad he is somewhere now and out of Sweetwater. I personally thought he could of landed a better job than that but maybe it will all work out.
  9. Hear me out on this one. If your setting on the visitor side at a football game at HVA and your on the first row you are exactly 84 feet to the sideline not to mention your setting down low which the football team blocks your view unless you can get higher seats that only takes you farther away. If your on the home side you are exactly 109 feet from the first row to the sideline but the only positive is the bleachers are on higher ground but the sun will blind you until it goes down. I don't care about their weight room because I'm there to watch a football game that is a nightmare to see and also getting out of there after the game. I guess I'm spoiled because Maryville's field is 27 feet from first in the visitors side to the sidelines and it is built up where the players don't block your view. The home side is 30 feet from the side line to the first row and your setting up high also to prevent the players from blocking your view. HVA's design on the fields is an all time blunder considering it was a school built since 2000. If there is a place I dread going to HVA tops the list.
  10. Been to a lot of places but never been to a dump like this,
  11. I'm not sure what his job details are but you can bet your life their very limited with that witch in charge. I personally like the guy but I've been told his leash is so short he has no choice but to go along or face the firing squad Coach West did.
  12. Because it should have never happened without the highest in command giving their approval which they didn't because they would have never allowed it. When you go do something like that with out your boss man's approval this is what you look like.
  13. I don't want to mention names but he wore a lineman's number last year. Hope one of the other schools gives him a chance to show his abilities.
  14. They would still have their cow pasture football field had Pilot not donated the money for what they have now. The whole place is a nightmare to get into and out of during football games. The visitor side is the worst I have ever seen in my life.
  15. The over use of the field in general was how we got to this point of synthetic turf. With all the practices, band, Junior high games, youth leauge games B games the field would look like a garden again by November.
  16. The only thing I have to go off of is Alcoa is putting in a new field for $750,000 which they have all the drainage and infrastructure in place just as we do. The only thing we have that they don't is a Dumb Azz that would allow someone to paint the field yellow.
  17. I can asure you I don';t make this stuff up. The whole City of Maryville is being taken over like a swarm of locus by out of towners that have brought their destructive ways and stupidity along with them. Heads would have rolled had this happened at another school system but not here.
  18. Grandma from Heaven looking down at the field to see if that gulley washer rain this past weekend sent to make a dent on that paint that some are claiming washes off of turf. Nope looks like Krylon Tough Coat.
  19. I went to practice yesterday and liked what I saw for the most part. Derek and crew have done a good job during the off-season. I was very impressed with the size of some of those boys on the offensive line. My only regret was one of the boys I was really pulling for to have a good year was dismissed from the team. I have to applaud the coaches for setting examples for the others, no one is bigger than the team. One other thing, I was hoping with that big rain we got this week some of that yellow paint would dissolve but it didn't.
  20. Most spring scrimages are usually in May.
  21. Lacross isn't a TSSAA sanctioned sport but will be next year for girl's and boy's and if they want to go mark out a field and do it right then play the sport at the junior high who will be getting a new field. It's a couple of blocks away and I'm sure they can brigng in stands to seat the fifty people that will attend those events. While they're at it go on ahead and draw out some Pickleball Courts and beat her to the punch.
  22. My theory back then was why wait until 3 p.m. on Friday to get out of school when I could get us all out at 2..
  23. That's what I would like to know. Surley this couldn't be a coincidence. When I saw that yellow paint on the field the other day the very first thing that hit my mind was a dog pissing all over that green carpet marking it's territory showing it's boss who the real boss was up there and I guess it did because nothing happened.
  24. The reason I posted about the football field had to do with someone in the middle giving permission to do it without asking the one that writes their check. Remember Wednesday when I said everything should be fine until the next episode of That Crazy Woman. Learned today that the golf coach of 20 plus years and the swimming & diving coaches have all resigned. Is this the next episode?
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