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  1. The head coach and AD are very good young men. It's a big direction the school is moving in. Anyone in my generation are in total disbelief but most of us have moved out into the county and have no voice come election time. The group that do vote have been brainwashed so no help from that end on getting them out. I'm not on here to destroy the place I went to school but to shed light and get things fixed. My bet is the AD has his hands tied on a lot of things. When everyone watched how the girls basketball coach was handled 3 years ago that was the messgae sent down the line at MHS and a big reason most tow the line to not attract attention to themselves. If you know anything about Maryville High it's well known who the pets are, who sold their soul and who the brown nosers are.
  2. 2021 to my knowledge. What some of the leaders at Maryville High don't understand is the people they love to cherish or that are on board with their agenda don't have two nickles to rub together. The one's that can write the big checks are tired of what's going on up there and quit writing them. We have a great athletic program with a 1924 mindset on promoting it. This NFHS or what ever they want to do broadcast the past few years is horrible. I'm not the only one that gets mad about that. When you have two County High Schools that have nothing compared to Maryville but can put on a production of every game of the season making us look like crap. Look at Farragut and their football website and what do we have, something that looks like one of the elementary schools put together. If they want to look like Fido's Azz keep on doing what your doing up there.
  3. Here is what's very concerning about the Booster's Club that I pulled up online of the revenue the High School has taken in the past11 years. 2012 231,508 2013 245,985 2014 250,971 2015 268,264 2016 309,064 2017 389,289 2018 352,064 2019 417,010 2020 65,985 2021 54,723 2022 45,800
  4. Grandma from the 'Class of 42' watching from heaven in disbelief over Maryville High as the devil has positioned itself into the Booster's Club as if it didn't already have a finger in everyone's butt that teaches there. What could possibly go wrong!!!
  5. Wasn't until the 21 season they dropped down and played the same teams and scored the lowest which was 85 points. Cleveland and McMinn County during those times were nothing to go home and brag about and Alcoa wasn't on the schedule then. Bradley until this year has never been able to stand up to Maryville until they went out and brought in outside players but that's another subject.
  6. Your the one typing your fingers off. Football is a tough sport and not recommended for the weak hearted. I know a lot of coaches that have coached out there over the past twenty years and most have told me the same crap and why it's a coaches nightmare out there. When they took applications for that job most were not qualified and if Oz told you all today to stick it the program would go 0-10 again and again just so the crying parents can have it their way again.
  7. I don't dislike Hamontree at all. When he was at Maryville he had all the tools necessary at his side to win and done well. When he went to Heritage he didn't have those assets. Tim would have been the perfect coach for a smaller school like Greenback where he came from. I watched a lot of the Heritage games the last two years because I did enjoy the progress overall and the offensive numbers, before I really had no interest in watching a team score 85 points in a season when I've seen Maryville almost do it in a game.
  8. 2018 Hamontree 101 points offense 2019 Hamontree 142 points offense 2020 Hamontree 188 points offense 2021 Hamontree 85 points offense 2022 Oz 258 points offense 2023 Oz 290 points offense Maybe this will help.
  9. Hammontree's downturn was the season almost 2 dozen players all quit with in the very first few weeks for what reason I don't know. That done him in and nothing was ever the same. Not only that but now we have Eagleton and I know a lot of players fathers out there and most have said the larger part of those kids would have been going to Heritage. Some have told me a lot of those kids would have never went out had they went to Heritage but never the less it's just another disadvantage for the Mountaineers. If some people get their wish and the present coach and school were to part company with what all is against it I don't see anyone for what the county pays could save that program from a total collapse.
  10. Heritage and WB are like working at Wendy's or McDonald's for most coaches wanting to move up until you get the call from a school that pays much better. That's the old guy's fault with the white beard that likes to get his picture in the paper all the time. Bout time to see his mug on the front page shortly taking full credit for those football fields pretty soon isn't it.
  11. I get tired of seeing this program at the bottom and it's been this way for most of the past 35 years. The county is most of the blame for the failure of both Heritage and WB and we all know that. If this coach isn't working out as you say things will take care of themselves.
  12. Wasn't things so much better for you all when they went 0-10 or when your 1,500 yard rusher (Wright) left to go play at Alcoa or when Jett left to play at Maryville because they got tired of the azz beatings and the humiliation they felt from all of that losing. Could you imagine if Coach OZ brought a cattle prod and stuck it up to your son's tail end at practice or made the offensive linemen push a station wagon while the coach was in the drivers seat mashing down on the brakes. If you think Coach Oz is a bad man then I guess you never heard of A.J. Wilson who coached for Walland most of the 50's and early 60's. If I hadn't of heard those stories from such credible men such as the late Benny Dalton ,Don Story and a host of other great friends from Walland that played during that time I wouldn't have believed it. They all just laughed about it while telling it but none had anything bad to say about him. Just like your QB that started the last two years at Heritage, he only had the best to say about Coach Oz and how much he helped him when I talked to him a few weeks ago. Coach Oz is what the doctor ordered for Heritage, a little "Shock and Awe" and the resistance still out there pushing their narrative and praying for a loss every week.
  13. Congratulations Turtle, thought you might like this blast from the past when they won the state in 2001.
  14. When going to the other side to take a crap at Alcoa always remember to maintain eye contact and establish dominance.
  15. If our leadership had put some kind of impact tax on all the people moving here from other areas and slowed this invasion down they would have had all the money they needed. Instead they allowed those people to move in and flood an already overburdened infrastructure buying up our properties driving prices through the roof and not getting a red cent for the damages they have caused. When someone sells a home in California for $2 million and comes to Tennessee and buys the same thing he had there for $600,000 an impact fee of 25 to 50 K would have paid for all the problems they have burdened our infrastructure with. Our leaders have no insight apparently on the future problems they have overlooked that will come back on all of us. If you are a lifetime resident of Blount County and you sell your home you cannot buy back what you just sold. I could write a book but we all know what's going on. This will all come tumbling back on everyone that lives here eventually and I hope I'm not around to see it.
  16. The original goal post from the old Everett High School last played on in 1976.
  17. Makes you wonder how Knoxville will pay for all of theirs when the time comes. Not sure the Haslam's would have any more vested interest since they've sold all shares in the Pilot.
  18. Congratulations to Alcoa's AD for being on the ball and bringing it to the attention of the school board that the field may not pass an impaction test the next time in getting the funding for a new field to be installed here shortly. I was under the impression these fields were to last longer than this but you can look at one that is 8 or 9 years old and has a glaze look across the field. Didn't realize there was a impaction test on these fields so some of these schools better be ready when the piper calls because $750K is a lot of money.
  19. This is just stupid silly how long all this took when they could of got this all out front and done with and moved on. During all this time you would have thought they were doing a large background check, Ancestry DNA Test and a anal probe before KCD was satisified.
  20. Heritage lost a lot of good players from the year before last and had a lot of youth playing for the first time. Heritage overall before the staff that is there now has been the biggest dumpster fire in the East Tennessee High School Football area for much of the past 35 years. Heritage did shutout Lenior City 35-0 and actually played some good football against a few decent teams towards the end of the year. I wouldn't count out this DC, just saying.
  21. Shad wasn't really that bad of a coach. Don't think he had ever experienced anything like William Blount. He came from a school that had a lot of money support at Blackman and had the ability to do things there he couldn't at William Blount. Actually he did a good job at Eagleton the year before last. Catholic has money to get what he needs like a DC that Heritage can't match.
  22. Last season during fall scrimages I went and watched them play against William Blount and I could tell from that scrimmage they would finally end that losing streak that went on for five years or 45 games from what I saw that day. I'm sure this coach is trying hard to build a foundation for this team which was easy to see. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are high school football programs that have laid in ruins for that long. The biggest question at Sequoyah is how much can a person take of the poor leadership that runs the school system before they can't handle it anymore and leave.
  23. The defense gave up 35 points a game if that's moving in the right direction but I won't be a smart azz about it because they were young. If they lose someone on staff there I'm pretty sure school won't be shut down a day to grieve over it. Coach Oz would be happy for anyone moving up the ladder in their career and knows who to call next if that were to happen. Any coach that has been at the level he has been knows to always be ready when they have to make that call.
  24. I'm pretty sure he will find someone just as he did when he put a staff together two years ago. This past year was a really young team but managed to score 290 points on offense. Go back two years ago and they scored 85 points for the entire season and got mercy ruled 6 different times. The only benefit going to those games was discounted concession stand food in the second half as time flew off the clock. Take it from Barney, Coach Oz knows more in one of his finger nails then any of us Coach T quarterbacks know in our entire body. This man walked into one of the biggest messes in Tennessee High School Football and blew air into a lifeless cadaver and brought it back to life. Go back and watch that Central game from last year where most teams would have given up and those boy's didn't give up and came back. Even though they lost they came an inch of pulling it off. Never thought I would live to see the day anyone could go out there and do what he has so far.
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